I found this very disconcerting.  I figured she'd avoid the answer but her saying "yes" was pretty scary and to come from someone her age, makes me even more aware of how strongly they indoctrinate their children.  

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"I found this very disconcerting."

Why? One rather dim young women expressing views may say something about her, or her parents or even her mosque, but it says exactly nothing about Islam per se. Just as Fred Phelps or the lunar religious right generally doesn't say everything about Christianity.

I lost interest when the bloke at the lectern avoided her question with a straw man and she fell for it.

I have never subscribed the US post 9/11 hysteria which has demonised Islam,making it the bogeyman de jure replacing Communism.

American friend once said to me "Always be careful to be nice to America,or we'll bring you democracy"
I completely agree with you.

The video is very painful to watch as it panders to people ignorance (which is clearly evident in the comments). She merely asked where he got the idea that a student organization was was connected to terrorist networks and he refused to answer. He went on to insult her clothing as well calling it a "terrorist neckerchief". Just don't tell that to the Yemeni, Moroccan, and Lebanese Jews that still wear them today!
I admit, I am ignorant about Muslims as I really don't know any and the speaker did back her into a corner and evade her question. But I still don't understand why she would say "yes" to his question if she was not radical and did not support terrorist. Is this more representative of the fringe or many Muslims in America? I have no idea. It just always struck me that you never see a Muslim publicly denouncing the terrorism.

I also don't understand why Muslims even come to this country if it represents everything they are against, but that's not related to this discussion.
I have a very hard time with Horowitz. I tried reading his "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America" and couldn't finish it. I must have been into self torture those days as I tried to do the same with an Ann Coulter book.

Horowitz opposes anything on the left and seems to use any means to fight it. Google him and figure him out for yourself. At face value he protests against Islamic extremism and indoctrination of any kind but unfortunately he defines those fairly loosely to where even 'oppressed islamic women' and moderate anti-radical islamic groups want him to get lost!

In 2008 he accused the MSA, Muslim Student Association, of being "a radical political group that was founded by members of the muslim brotherhood, the godfather of al qaeda and hamas, to bring the jihad into the heart of American higher education." The student in the video was merely asking where he got that information.

Let me be clear on this. I think hamas and hezbollah are jokes. It is no secret they are terrorist groups and people would do well to distance themselves from them. And it was wrong of her to be supportive of hamas. But let it be equally clear that even for an American muslim, it is difficult to say that. For some people saying the simplest, or even most obvious, truth could result in death.

Take a look at this site. There are members on here who are still quiet about their atheism. Why don't they come out? What could possibly happen? For the most part they are from christian households who at worst would disown them....but probably not. In the Islamic world it's not that easy, to even hint that Islam, and groups within it, are wrong can be fatal.

I could be reading too much into it. She may well be a terrorist supporter but Horowitz's response hardly resolves the issues.




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