I did a forum search and was surprised to not find any recent threads touching on this topic. I am new to this site, and a big part of what drove me here are my feelings of isolation and subsequent feelings of depression stemming from a lack of community and contact with fellow atheists. I imagine plenty of you have or currently feel this way, and I'd like to hear from other people about their experiences and how they cope.

I currently do not have any close friends or family members who are atheists or skeptics, and many of my friends and family are either fervently religious or have world views that center around some other form of woo. Up until about a year ago I did have a girlfriend who was an atheist / skeptic, but that relationship ended badly so I felt it necessary to cut ties completely.

So in a nutshell I find it difficult to relate to those around me, and I feel a serious void because of it. I'm going to leave it at that so this post doesn't drag on, but please do chime in if you relate or have something to share on the subject. Thanks!

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I spend most of my days recently recovering from allergy shots.  Most of the time I post here, I'm hazy from an allergy shot.

But I'm optimistic - they will help.  I just don't know how long it will take. 

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Ryan, so sorry you're going through all this, but hang in there!! It's not so much the atheism but all the other things that still happen to even religious people. Like so many prominent atheists remind us, you are NOT alone; there are many others in your community that feel the same way- isolated and atheist.

Exercise is the healthy approach- works for me. Bike riding, running, weights and hiking are things you can work on alone, making productive use of your time and giving you the endorphin rush/mood lift. Then, you can meet up with others and run 5Ks, hang out at the gym etc.

Religion might come up and it might not. As long as you have the activity in common, that's all that matters.

Thank you so much, and I agree. Currently I do a number of things on my own to stay productive. Including study and exercise. I try to go biking with friends and play pickup games of basketball with whoever happens to be around. I am able to come together with people over common interests such as these, but I still need to seek out others I can relate to on a deeper level. Hence why I am here, and thankfully interactions such as this are of great help.

Ryan, I know what you mean.  I'm around a zillion people every day, but often feel that I'm in a silo.   Always seeking people with similar outlook, sensibility, and values.  Nexus is a major place for me, I can pretty much express myself and see some kindred spirits.  That means a lot.

That is great to hear, and I can see this place becoming like that for me. I am very thankful that resources such as this exist.

Much thanks for the welcome! I do not feel inclined to promote theism or the Republican Party as it currently stands, so I should not encounter any problems in that regard.

I am sad to hear of your situation. A lot of atheists can relate to your situation. 80% of the population share a belief in God. This is a great place to talk to people. People here are supportive, and understand. You don't need to feel alone. That's what atheist communities are for.



I'm right where you are. I see family on facebook, and realize that my profile would be a huge problem, so I never did facebook. The older I get, the more they seem alien to me. Recently an extended family member posted "God's Not Dead" (reference to movie) and 38 others liked it. As for my neighborhood and community, forget about it. I don't know if I'm depressed, but I feel like I'm holding a secret. For me, right now, it's actually better to not advertise it. I don't think anything can be gained from it. I know these people around here. They will be confused, and try to turn me with a ridiculous argument that I'd blow out of the water, and as soon as I questioned them, I'd be the devil. So many times I've seen potential in people, but know for a fact that the minute we would discuss religion, everything would go haywire, or the relationship would not progress. I 've actually stopped thinking about it, and accepted that's how i have to live. I don't know anything else. 

Damian, I can so agree with you. My step father has always been a believer and always wanted to make me look shallow in anything, even religion, when I'm the one that studied it in ways that he never thought of.

Not so long ago he told me on the telephone that he had the greatest proof for the existence of god. He said that his bible says god will gather the Jews from all over the earth in "the last days" and they will return to Israel. This claim has happened in his lifetime, he says.

Then I asked him to explain to me why the Jews were still in every nation all over the earth? He acted dumbfounded and said I wasn't very smart as an atheist. I was much smarter before.

I agree with you Freethinker31. He was trying to use his Buybull to prove prophesy and what he said proved nothing. Evangelicals and Fundies like him would grab at anything to prove Jesus is coming back tomorrow, and just as many would do something to think they were starting this "chain of events" bringing on the "end of the world." Imagine Bachmann and other right wingers who believe this. Now all you need is the wrong hand on the red button. I can see a lot of theists jumping up and down and praising god if nukes start to fall. What they don't see is that Jebus is not going to be there to help them.

I used to be Jewish and I have never even been to Israel.



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