Why does the US continue to back Israel when it clearly would be a political advantage to back the Palastinians? Do you think it's politics? Religion? Both? It bothers me that we continue to back what I would clearly call terrorism from day one. They've ignored almost ALL United Nations resolutions since they occupied Palastine...they've responded to sticks and stones with grenades and missiles. Reports came out today that they are using white phosphorus incendiary devices...yet they continue to get backing from the US...am I missing something here? Discussion open!

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As far as I know, the only reason that we have for backing Israel is that they are a democracy. Israel’s existence is a thumb in their neighbor’s eye. I have not studied the history of the foundation of Israel but I really do not support its existence. The current conflict only serves as a reminder that the Arab land was taken away for the favor of a religious group.
Democracy has nothing to do with our support of Israel. In fact Hamas is a democratically elected government in Palestine. Same with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Look back to Iran in 1953 they had a democratically elected president I think his name was Muqqadah. The US and Britain overthrew him and installed the Shah, who forbid freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Google operation Ajax. In more recent times look at Uzbekistan and their Dictator, Islam Karimov. He forbids freedom of speech and freedom of religion and boils his opponents alive. What did Dubya do about this horrible brutal dictator? He invited him to the White House posed for photo's while proclaiming Karimov a "True Friend of the US". He then gave Karimov $160 million and built him an Airbase. What do Iran and Uzbekistan have in common? Oil and gas. US Foreign policy has nothing to do with Democracy but instead is focused on Control. Control of Natural resources and control of the people and the region. One only has to look at US support of dictators in Iraq, Nicaragua, Panama, the Philippines and many other countries. In fact the US prefers to have a brutal dictator in control of a country that is friendly to the US because then the people will be less likely to act against the US. If the US really did believe in Democracy abroad then why do they veto or abstain from voting on every UN resolution condemning Israel? The US has stood behind Israel because they believe that with Israel they can control the region and the Natural resources.
Thank you Ro for the topic.

I don't really know why the US supports Israel, well, Maybe because of the Jewish lobby's pressure there, or maybe because of the AIPAC amazing control over US policy, the control over most of the media, Hollywood.. for me as an Arab, I can see it very clearly.. Israel is the biggest threat to the region, and the more Israel continues it's policies towards the Palestinians, the more they are creating haters for the west and US specially because of it's blind support for the Israeli actions.

I live in Jordan and the street there now hates America more and more, they are organizing boycott campaigns to the American goods and restaurants, and from what I know this is happening in almost all of the Arab countries.

Concerting the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; I recommend reading these sites:
www.1948.org.uk (Overview pages and The Begging)
Our support for Israel really bothers me. The non-jews who live within Israel live as second-class citizens; they are routinely denied building permits, municipal services such as electricity and running water and they have a difficult time getting from one place to another because of restrictions on travel. The Palestinians who live in the West Bank have it worse, with checkpoints and restrictions everywhere and persistent settlement activity. The Palestinians who live in Gaza have it worst, even before the current Israeli killing-spree. Israel likes to claim it's a democracy but it's not a democracy the way we understand the term 'democracy.' There's no equal protection for all residents and the Palestinians who live in The West Bank and Gaza do not get to vote in Israeli elections despite the fact that Israel is the occupying force in both areas. Israel is, at best, an apartheid state.

The reason we support Israel is not that it's a democracy and it's not that it's particularly friendly towards us (it's NOT; remember the USS Liberty?). We support it because AIPAC is very powerful and because there are many Zionists in very high places in our government (Feith, Wolfowitz, Pearl to name three). We support it because there are lots of well-connected jewish nutjobs in America who believe they're "chosen" and that the "chooser" gave them the land they call Israel and therefore they can commit whatever atrocities they feel necessary in order to reclaim this land. We also support it because there are lots of christian nutjobs in America who believe they'll be raptured up to heaven when the jews reclaim Israel.

It's pathetic, tragic and outrageous that in the 21st century America provides weaponry, money and moral cover to a country that dispossesses and brutally represses a minority population because of some bronze-age fairy tales.
It isn't just AIPAC. Though it is no exaggeration that they are powerful. The other issue, as far as domestic consideration is concerned, are the doomsday fundamentalist. They both want Israel to exist and the hostilities towards Palestinians to continue. If either AIPAC dropped from the face of the earth, the fundamentalist would have far less interest or influence.

The other reason, I strongly suspect, is that the US and Europe want a foothold in the Mideast. Also, it legitimizes political reasons to be in the Mideast; want to bomb Iran?; just say that they are about to attack Israel. It really makes it far easier to sell invastions for oil if you got enough stories to legitimate corporate causes.
Only if you make prominent mention of Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini

While in Baghdad, Syria al-Husseini aided the pro-Nazi revolt of 1941. He then spent the rest of World War II as Hitler's special guest in Berlin, advocating the extermination of Jews in radio broadcasts back to the Middle East and recruiting Balkan Muslims for infamous SS "mountain divisions" that tried to wipe out Jewish communities throughout the region.

People are fond of bashing the Vatican for Nazi collaboration. The poor oppressed Palestinian role at the time is known by very few. There was even an offer to host a death camp on Palestinian soil.




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