Israel Cannot Be Both Jewish and Democratic, said SecState John Kerry

That despite decades of hearing Israel described as the Middle East's only democracy.

What say you, about Israel or about an America in the hands of a Republican Party owned by fundamentalist xians?

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First, understand that the United States is only nominally a representative democracy.

The reality is that it has always been an oligarchy, a government ruled by a few in the nation's capital.

I don't like John Kerry but he is right. Israel should be a secular state. and the whole middle east should be secular too

ICO, Western Europe had centuries of religious war. It's now the Middle East's turn.

How Israel can be a secular state when it was created immediately in the wake of and because of the Holocaust and is largely a divided sociologically insofar as Jews vs. Palestinians are concerned is beyond me. Add to that the extremists on both sides who insist on my way or the highway and a secular Israel is about as likely as a hole in the head.

The Onion had it right about the extremists:

(Screencap from a video from the satirical site The Onion, comparing “Israel’s Favored Solution” with “Palestine’s Favored Solution”. Each of the two columns lists these identical points.) - Establish Strong Religious State - Seize Every Inch Of Land - Exercise Total Political Control - Bathe In Blood Of The Enemy - Eradicate Every Man, Woman, And Child On Other Side - Realize God’s Will - Rejoice Upon Pushing Rivals’ Corpses Into Sea - Claim Holy City Of Jerusalem For Selves.

(screencap from their video about the conflict; don't have the link handy)

Referring to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan,  Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson once said: " Soon god will be on both sides of this war." It would appear that the problem was not just with THAT war.

In some wars, different gods.

In other wars, different takes on the same god.

That's kind of like saying the US can't be idolatrous of money and be a democracy. 

When was America a democracy, not an oligarchy?

Maybe for a couple of years during the hippie era.

Not even close, Bert.

Oligarchy - a country ruled by a few.

535 and a president is VERY few.

You think the members of congress are the rulers? That's one of those lies my teachers told me. And this is straight out of your lecture, not mine.


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