Israel expells non-jewish children under 5 to preserve "jewishness"

Ze master race? Racial purity? Did we learn nothing in the second world war?

I suppose the torah is full of racial cleansing and genocide, so perhaps its a return to the roots after years of oppression.


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My ignorance is showing.

Why is America so buddy-buddy with Isreal? I mean, is it the abrahamic thing? The holocaust? Aside from being a semi-friendly country in a sea of sand, what does America actually get out of the deal?
no idea outside of the talibangelicals A La James Dobson who believe that Israel is literally a "holy land". The official line seems to be that "stability in the mid east" is the responsibility of the free world, and I think Israel buys a lot of weapons which keep US weapons factory workers employed...

So, America gets a powerful, well armed ally in the mid east to help protect their oil interests, a well funded customer for its war machine, and a "promised land " for its Jewish and evangelical populations - which represent a significant number of voters...
Did we learn nothing in the second world war?

we? they, people should listen closely all this 'we' stuff
8 years of 'they' and they still want it all




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