Israel-Gaza Conflict: Gaza Suffers Its Deadliest Day After ‘Heinous Massacre’

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Gaza Suffers Its Deadliest Day After ‘Heinous...

"A night and day of ferocious violence has resulted in more than 100 deaths in Gaza, with Palestinian accusations that a bloody assault on the town of Shuja’iya by Israeli forces, leaving bodies on the streets and buildings destroyed, was motivated by revenge for the deaths of 13 soldiers.

"The Israeli losses were one of the largest in one operation suffered in recent times by the Jewish state.  Al Quds Force, the military wing of Hamas, had claimed that it had lured troops into a minefield. But the Israeli military stated that the deaths came in separate incidents overnight involving improvised explosive devices and a firefight.

"The killing in Shuja’iya of Palestinians, including a large number of women and children, was condemned by the Palestinian government led by President Mahmoud Abbas as a “heinous massacre” and a “war crime”. Mushir al-Nasri, a senior Hamas official, said: “We have been carrying out successful military operations against the Israelis, they take their revenge on defenceless civilians”.

"But the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, charged that the town had become a “fortress of terror” that had been used to fire rockets into Israel. The controversy over the Israeli mission, with the Palestinian death toll going past 425 in nearly two weeks of fighting, continued with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, caught on a microphone saying: “ It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there, we ought to go tonight, it’s crazy to be sitting around here.”

When will the purpose of government be to empower each individual to reach his or her full potential? War is not the answer. Guns and bullets do not solve conflicts. Do Palestinians have basic human rights? Israelis can't have genuine peace until the Palestinians have a voice. What right does Israel have to own all the land? Does their god give them that right? If so, their god is a criminal. Like corporations, a nation uses power it shouldn't have. 

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I know the conflict is complex and has centuries of anger built up on both sides. I do sympathize with the suffering of any person subjected to such brutal forces. 

There has to be a solution. The USA cannot solve the problems even with directed drones. Somehow, violent regimes need to face the nations of the world and be held accountable. I don't care where the violence originates, I want it stopped. 

Isn't that what the UN is supposed to do. At least that was the dream of a naive world. However, family violence didn't get affected until women started saying, "No more violence". Well, it still exists, but at least public interests intervene on the behalf of those in a family being brutalized. And yes, women are violent, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. So! Let's stop all violence. It is not in the best interest of any living thing, nor the Earth. 

When my Dad beat my Mom he justified it by saying he was in charge and everyone must obey him. Well POOP! That is pure nonsense and my mother learned that, my father did as well, and so did my former husband. 

What about nations? Can't nations stand up to any nation that uses violence? Come on, think about it! Can you have some influence on that issue? 

All women could stop violence if they all agreed to withhold sex until peaceful means were found to solve conflicts. Lysistrata did it in Athens. Why not on the Earth.

Homo sapiens are said to have superior brains. Well, prove it. 

I tend to have a slightly different perspective on this. Hamas is the reigning political power in Gaza. The Hamas charter calls for the obliteration of Israel and destruction of the Jews. If my next door neighbor said he was going to forcibly kill me and my family and confiscate my home, all the while shooting at me, I don't think I'd be inviting him over for tea and scones any time in the near future. Yes, Palestinians have a right to peacefully exist. So do Israelis. However, Hamas seems to take the same line as a certain central European power did 75 years ago. The Jews must die.

Here's another major problem the Palestinians have to deal with. Hamas is ordering a constant barrage of rockets to be fired into Israel. Fired from mosques, residential neighborhoods, medical facilities, and basically using the civilian population as shields. However, the Hamas leaders are nowhere to be found in Gaza.  Hell no, the place is too poor and too dangerous. The Hamas General Shura, or political bureau, is housed in Doha, Qatar. In other words, the leadership calling for jihad by the masses and martyrdom of children is living la vida grande in the lap of luxury in another country while their actively keeping their citizens in combat and dying in the glorious cause of Islamic martyrdom. Some f%^%ing leaders!

Egypt tried to broker a cease fire, which Israel accepted, and which would have saved countless lives on both sides. Guess who threw a monkey wrench into that idea? I have sympathy for innocent Palestinians. As to they're war mongering, blood thirsty leaders, I have zero.

What you said, Pat.

Oh! the suffering goes on! No one seems able to stop it! We know prayer does not work, nor does brokered cease-fire. Embedded in the problem is the solution.

When a nation agrees to a brokered cease-fire, and then breaks the deal, intervention from outside should not include weapons of war but weapons of justice. Targeted, decisive, adjudicated consequences.

Include the Palestinian people in discussions. After all, they were thrown off land they inhabited for centuries and outside influences made the decision to create Israel out of that land. What right did outside forces have to define ownership. If anyone should have given up land it is those who tried to exterminate the Jews. 

Is that unreasonable? Doable?

I know Lysistrata  is a comedy by Aristophanes written BC. But the principle is the same, and is at least one idea. The Israeli and Palestinian women might not agree to such a plan, the the world could put pressure on the male leaders of the world to intervene in a more humane way. 

When it comes right down to the truth of the matter, if the Muslim world wants to conquer the whole world, then we atheists better start making atheism attractive to a lot more people. 

There is something about religion that makes it possible for good people to do evil things. 


I agree with Joan here, and I see her points with everything, and it goes much further back that Germany and WW2. Let's take it all back into days of the Old Pesterment. Certainly it didn't all start in 1948. I must confess, I do not like Nuttiyaho, but what do you do? This is slaughter.

Even so, Pat summed up the entire situation very well here.

Freethinker31. Your comments are good and well taken. My comments were in no way meant to say that your opinion is wrong. Please don't take it that way. You are listing a lot of events and dates in the middle eastern events calander that many of us don't know or have forgotten. This is all good.

My viiewpoint goes back to the Abrahamic faith having 3 offshoots. All of them have fought before and the two that are now fighting seem to always be fighting. At least, they have been in my lifetime.

Omfriends just typed a looooong reply and then it vanished!

Here's a shorter one:  If my enemy's leaders don't not see my humanity it doesn't mean I should treat their followers - especially civilians and children - inhumanly too.

That can never help.

Putting yourself in the other person's shoes will enable the chance of a sliver of trust and a more humane alternative response.

Killing children because they are in the way is never going to win hearts and minds - it is tragic on one side and likely to lead to evil thinking - where both sides agree that the other is evil.

Ghandi said if we go by 'eye for an eye' the whole world will be blind.  Israel army seems to be going even further and Israelis seem to have lost their humanity.

Anything that can restore recognition of each other's humanity would help.  Stopping the blockade and not punishing innocent victims ... even in the face of Hamas' rockets. Opening minds and borders - the opposite of what has happened.

Stopping jingoistic politicians egging people on ... the madness of crowds ....

When will it ever end?

Never mind praying to east or to west - at least we can all start to face this direction.


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