Israel-Gaza Conflict: Gaza Suffers Its Deadliest Day After ‘Heinous Massacre’

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Gaza Suffers Its Deadliest Day After ‘Heinous...

"A night and day of ferocious violence has resulted in more than 100 deaths in Gaza, with Palestinian accusations that a bloody assault on the town of Shuja’iya by Israeli forces, leaving bodies on the streets and buildings destroyed, was motivated by revenge for the deaths of 13 soldiers.

"The Israeli losses were one of the largest in one operation suffered in recent times by the Jewish state.  Al Quds Force, the military wing of Hamas, had claimed that it had lured troops into a minefield. But the Israeli military stated that the deaths came in separate incidents overnight involving improvised explosive devices and a firefight.

"The killing in Shuja’iya of Palestinians, including a large number of women and children, was condemned by the Palestinian government led by President Mahmoud Abbas as a “heinous massacre” and a “war crime”. Mushir al-Nasri, a senior Hamas official, said: “We have been carrying out successful military operations against the Israelis, they take their revenge on defenceless civilians”.

"But the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, charged that the town had become a “fortress of terror” that had been used to fire rockets into Israel. The controversy over the Israeli mission, with the Palestinian death toll going past 425 in nearly two weeks of fighting, continued with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, caught on a microphone saying: “ It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there, we ought to go tonight, it’s crazy to be sitting around here.”

When will the purpose of government be to empower each individual to reach his or her full potential? War is not the answer. Guns and bullets do not solve conflicts. Do Palestinians have basic human rights? Israelis can't have genuine peace until the Palestinians have a voice. What right does Israel have to own all the land? Does their god give them that right? If so, their god is a criminal. Like corporations, a nation uses power it shouldn't have. 

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Nancy.....Your  reply  is  so typical of anyone  living far away  from a conflict having nothing to lose......Try living  in a country that is surrounded  by enemies,being  bombarded  by rockets  daily and having  to rush  with your children  into a bomb shelter  on a  a daily  basis...Who would want to live like that?.....The Israeli people  are very loyal and tough and  are determined  to make a life  in the only homeland  they know......War  is Hell, no one  can deny it....Innocent women and children are often  needless victims...Hamas  makes  no effort   to protect  any of them...Their  motto  is `Death is Good' They don't care  if  women and children die because  they know World  opinion  will be on their side....It helps  their  cause......How can anyone  rationalize that?  Israel will not end this war  until Gaza  is de- militarized and only then will a Peace process begin...



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