n interesting article on being an atheist in the bible belt. I'll be interested to hear comments from those living in the south.

Being an atheist in the bible belt

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wow, what a great article.  it covered so much ground.  i hope everyone on AN gives it a read. 

I love Kermit! Thanks for the article -- It's not so bad living in Austin, TX -- very progressive city. We have the Atheist Community of Austin here. 

That was a great article.  I live in Leesburg Va, not exactly the bible belt but there are a good number of high octane Christians in the area.  I am not shy about telling people I am an Atheist.  In fact, I rather enjoy when someone brings up god so I can have a go at them.  I can't say I have been shun to the extent described in the article.  I have one very religious friend and we've just agreed not to bring the subject up anymore.  I do feel Atheists scare religious people more than any other group.  If someone of one religion is talking to someone of another religion at least they have a common ground.  They can debate scripture or whatever but mention the whole idea of magical people or creatures living in space waiting to grant you wishes through your prayers is just stupid and they have no where to go.  I guess no one likes the person who told them there is  no Santa      


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