It's also spagetti. and oil, and tires, and shoes.


This via

I bet god has multiplied her money and cars and clothes, like he did the loaves and fishes, too.

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Everyone except the folks who made this Abilify commercial!  Ha!

What I get with this address is YouTube homepage. Is that what you intend? 

This URL works:

And here's perhaps the ultimate honest and/or satirical drug commercial:

"Preexisting conditions may result from underuse. Pregnant women may have babies."

Thanks.  That abilify warning list is amazing.  After watching that, it's surprising anyone would take it.

So, I've decided it's time to start being more openly critical of religious lunatics, and perhaps religion in general. Posted this on my Facebook today. Here's hoping that every little bit will make a difference for someone struggling with nonbelief.

Humble Pie, a sound decision! "start being more openly critical of religious lunatics, and perhaps religion in general."

~ Humble Pie 

Thanks Joan!  :)

This is my favorite Cindy Jacobs video!

Jacobs: Birds Dying Because of DADT Repeal

This very foolish woman looks and sounds silly, except some believe, based on her utterances! We can't fix stupid. 

We can speak up with vigor, enthusiasm, truthful and honest answers to such nonsense. 

Joan, to be honest, I think she's more evil than stupid.  No evidence for that.  It's just hard for me to believe anyone is that stupid.

I kept feeling distracted by the shininess of her clothing.  I started to feel hypnotized.   It's as of it was saying "you will send me money.  you will send me money".

Psh... My backup plan has always been to become a charismatic televangelist.  If I do, I'm going for a white robe with a big gold cross.  It'll be so huge, I'll make Flavor Flav look like an amateur.  And, like the rest of Xianity, it will be fake and hollow.  ;)

I think this is the "Great Filter" that Ruth so wisely discussed. Human beings get to the point where they can destroy life as we know it, and out of fear, a huge proportion of the country takes the words of religioun seriously. Instead of it being part of our historical past, it becomes the definer of our demise. 


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