Pope Frankie the Religious Rock Star made a solemn pronouncement today, regarding child rape and torture within the RCC.  Make sure you're seated when you read this. And, make sure there's something soft under your jaw when it drops.

"Pope Francis has defended the Roman Catholic Church saying ‘no-one has done more’ to root out paedophilia.'" 

In a further effort to shovel more bullshit than found in a Kansas stockyard, the Pontiff said,

"The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution to have acted with transparency and responsibility. No-one else has done more. Yet the Church is the only one to have been attacked.”

He also praised his predecessor Pope Benedict for his work on the issue. Yes, you read that right. He actually praised his predecessor. You know, the one who did all the cover up the molestation of children. Yeah. That Benedict.

And, this comes on the heels of the recent United Nations report condemning the RCC for its knowing cover ups, and further condemning that institution for adopting policies and practices which led to the continuation of abuse by the clergy.

I can see the sign on St. Peter's at the Vatican.

"Under New Management. Business As Usual"

Article on Pope's statement here

Article on UN report here.

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"Pope Francis has defended the Roman Catholic Church saying ‘no-one has done more’ to root out pedophilia.'  New Pope same old bullshit.




The question now is: when will the rank-and-file wake up and smell the coffee?  Honestly, I'm still not holding my breath.


I think the current rank-and-file are on board for the duration, no matter what happens.  If all the past scandals and disgrace haven't driven them away by now, nothing will. 

But the declining membership is still occurring.  Fewer new members are joining to replace the die-hards who are (literally) dying.      

Jingoist - an extreme patriot (OED). Or, "My leader can do no wrong!"

Nations and churches have jingoists.

However, organize the jingoists and they demand that their leaders obey.

Popes see the Vatican Curia and tell themselves, "I am their leader; I must follow them."

Where is my Dictionary of Antonyms when I need it? Is jingosm's opposite anti-jingoism? Ajingoism?

At least it makes it easier for me to tell people (if they ask) why I'm not proud to have been catholic. This would rattle my family, but I would be adamant about distancing myself from such a vile institution.

Is every priest a pediophile? Of course not, but the odds are pretty high! It's the kind of crime that even hardened criminals can't stand. Murderers look down on child rapists.

Someday, society will have advanced to a point where we can cure or rehabilitate molesters (who are almost always former victims, it seems.) Or at least, stop it before it starts. Who knows. Until then, it's as heinous as crime gets.


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