It Doesn't Take Long for this Racist Missouri Lawman to Blast Anyone Different from a Middle-Aged White Male

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I'm not surprised myself, it is Misery after all. 

I am a middle aged white male.  I am sure that man would relish seeing me die a painful humiliating death.  I wish the narrative could move beyond tired old stereotypes.  Not that I'm not tired or old.


I can't waste an hour of my dwindling life watching his diatribe.  I have read about parts of it.


Speculation here, but I suspect the man is an asshole.  His religion is part of it.  His lack of insight is part of it.  Living is some sort of mental bunker is part of it.  Lack of critical thinking is part of it.  Being in some sort of a mental echo chamber is part of it.  There are also hate mongers who are women, hate mongers who are black, latino, asian, and hate mongers who are young.  There is Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Linda Harvey, hate mongering white Lesbians in Michigan, there are hate mongering black ministers, and hate mongering young white thug white supremacy gangs.


And there are a few middle aged or older white men who really try to keep their minds and hearts open and make positive change in the world.


Sorry for the diatribe, but I am becoming a curmudgeon, and this knee-jerk liberal old saw, doesn't cut it with me, even though I am old liberal.

good news is he's been fired.  bad news is he's likely not alone among his colleagues in thinking this way.  yet i hear from conservatives all the time that the only real racism is reverse racism.  

".....Where is common sense  today?? "

it's on the left side of the political spectrum.  the right has been co-opted by religion so it's not surprising that common sense has been thrown out the window for their adherents.  and sadly, our political system gives far too much representation to rural America where that brand of thinking is the norm.  

When I was growing up, religion was never mentioned by politicians. Today, it is a litmus test. We have seen the largest chinks in the wall of separation punched out by the GOP, but both parties are certainly guilty of "Seneca's disease": Seneca said, as you know, that the ignorant believe; the wise do not, and leaders use religion to their advantage. Even fairly intelligent, fairly progressive pols claim that they believe. What we need is a litmus test for keeping "God" out of politics. Period.

David Niose takes on this issue brilliantly in "Non-believer Nation - the rise of secular America".  it's a good read.  

Thanks for the tip, Matthew Greenberg.

Hate to say it, but I don't find his firing all that encouraging of news. No one is going to be able to convince me that, as a 35 year veteran of  St. Louis County law enforcement, his superiors were unaware of his racist, barbaric, virulent, degenerate views. They nevertheless let him carry a gun, and roust the citizens of St. Louis County. The only reason he is fired is that he has been publicly exposed. How many more like him carry a badge and a gun in Missouri, and everywhere else in the US? Had the video not been made, and exposed in light of Ferguson, he'd still be intimidating law abiding citizens with the blessing of those in power.

what i find most interesting is the expedience with which the St. Louis area police apparently feel comfortable firing their weapons.  the video of the St. Louis man getting gunned down a mere 20 seconds after arriving on the scene was truly disturbing.  they fired off 12 shots in less than 3 seconds, continuing to fire after the man was on the ground.  

i just saw a stat stating that police in the US have killed over 400 civilians over the past 2 years.  in other western countries it was less than 10.  perhaps our law enforcement needs to be retrained in the act of non lethal force.  or maybe, as some have speculated, it's due to the arms race between citizens and police.  either way, this is a part of America that is clearly not exceptional.  

The chances of repealing the 2nd Amendment are slim and none. By the way, Slim left town.

I hope they can use this to move away from police as an occupying force, and toward community based policing. I wont hold my breath waiting for that.

"Hate Mongering White Lesbians in Michigan" sounds like a musical by Charles Ludlum.




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