It Doesn't Take Long for this Racist Missouri Lawman to Blast Anyone Different from a Middle-Aged White Male

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You could write to him and suggest it. Might be a while to hear back from him.

They claim this mofo was not speaking from a law enfocement standpoint. He is ex-military and speaking from that standpoint.. I'm also ex-military and I think he is a racist moron. He should be suspended without pay and untimatley let go from law enforcement. In his world there is no space for anybody that is different than him and unlike him.

Fire this moron so as to discourge similar and like behaviour.

He should be. A man like this should not be in law enforcement.

Another Christian fundamentalist raciest thug that carries a badge and gun.  

We will see if he is fired. The Internet just says he is suspended right now. They also try to defend him saying he is speaking as ex-mlitary and not as a cop. I'm not buying it.

UPDATE: The person in this video, Dan Page, has retired from his post with the St. Louis County Police:

In addition, two other St. Louis County municipal officers, Matthew Pappert of the Glendale (MO) Police Department, was fired after being heard to make insulting comments about protesters on Facebook; the posts were later published on Tucker Carlson's website The Daily Caller, and Ray Albers of the St. Ann (MO) Police Department resigned after being heard to threaten reporters and protesters:

For clarity's sake, the two municpal PDs and the STL County PD are totally separate from the St. Louis Municipal Police Department, which are the officers in St. Louis City. Both STL City and County are totally independent from each other, dating back to a 1876 vote separating the city and the county.

That's good news, Brent. I thought the man's remarks were horrible and that he should have been fired. At least he's off the street now and probably won't be intimidating anybody.

I'd hope so too Michael.



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