Would the sysops consider creating a top level folder named “Abortion rights” and move into it all of the following folders? That would make life a lot simpler for everyone participating in these discussions.

Why are so many atheists pro-abortion-rights?
Why are so many atheists against prenatal personhood?
Why are so many atheist against prenatal personhood?
Birth control to be considered abortion?

Ethics and Morals
Are there any Pro-life atheists out there?
Why are so many atheists pro-abortion?
Late-term Abortions: The Law & the Sanctity of Human Life
When does a zygote become a human being?

Theism, Deism & all things religious
A reason why theists (Christians in particular) are so anti-contraceptive/abortion etc.

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Please, oh please, quarantine these abortion debates. There is a huge proportion of us who treat it simply as a personal conscience issue, don't even consider that there is and argument against this to begin with and DON'T CARE about these endless, relentless, circular debates.
I agree on that as well...
Bad things come in threes. I think Brother Richard may want us to jelly wrestle again.
Can I watch?
You can carry the round cards.
I hate fishnets! Not sure about the suspender belt though....hmmm
Christopher Peter Robinson ? AKA Nulono ?
yes please
Hello? I thought that the powers that be would look in on discussions in the "Site Suggestions" folder. Can I get an acknowledgment that my request has been read?
I'm so sorry George! Yes, I put it in the queue.
Thank you.
Is it even possible to do what George requested? I admit my knowledge of the Ning software is limited, but I can't see any what this could be accomplished.




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