Would the sysops consider creating a top level folder named “Abortion rights” and move into it all of the following folders? That would make life a lot simpler for everyone participating in these discussions.

Why are so many atheists pro-abortion-rights?
Why are so many atheists against prenatal personhood?
Why are so many atheist against prenatal personhood?
Birth control to be considered abortion?

Ethics and Morals
Are there any Pro-life atheists out there?
Why are so many atheists pro-abortion?
Late-term Abortions: The Law & the Sanctity of Human Life
When does a zygote become a human being?

Theism, Deism & all things religious
A reason why theists (Christians in particular) are so anti-contraceptive/abortion etc.

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I already do that, when necessary. For instance, people have a tendency to post things in "Introductions" that aren't introductions. If I'm feeling energetic, I tell them how to move their post, and why. If I'm not, I just move them to a (hopefully) more appropriate category.

Changing the category wasn't what George was asking for. My understanding is that he was hoping one file could be created for all the abortion topics so that people could keep track of them. Moving them all to one category would flood it, and some of the discussions would still fall to the bottom of the heap.

I tagged a lot of the abortion related topics today. People can now click on the "abortion" tag, and it will bring up a list of related discussions from the forum.
No, the proposal was just to create a top-level folder titled 'Abortion Rights.' (Is that what you mean by 'Category'?) All of the identified discussions could all be moved into that folder. I would not want them all merged into a single file, or discussion.

I don't think that using the 'Tag' provides anything like the same visibility. We are still going to have new users go into the 'Politics' folder or the 'Ethics and Morals' folder, and, not seeing the question in the first page, will start yet another redundant discussion.
I wasn't contradicting anything you wrote George, nor was I suggesting the abortion discussions be merged. Categories are things like "Atheist Nexus Discussions, Ideas & Site Suggestions", "Introductions", "Atheism", etc... These are the headings for the different area of the discussion forum.

I agree with you about tags, but it's the best I can do. Because of the way Ning is programmed, I don't know if it's possible to do what you suggested. It would be a good idea if it could be implemented.



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