I have been on this site for some time now and I feel it is necessary that I introduce myself.

My name is Andrew Lafont, I am a student at Lincoln Park Academy, and I am 16 years old.

I am American, Puerto Rican, French, Irish, Scottish, Greek, and Syrian. Both sides of my family are quite large. My father has a fake leg, lost to diabetes, and my mother has worked security in New York City, Cali, and Florida.

I know American, Spanish, and some French. I can sing in German, Russian, and a bit in Swedish. I am trying to learn Chinese and Japanese. Mostly Japanese, though . . .

I am in the International Baccalaureate Program, at my school. I am also a singer in the Choir. I've been Chorus since the first grade.
My favorite songs are, Christmas songs.

I can fake most accents, I have a full beard, and I know how to talk to a woman.

As stated before my only beef with Agnositcs is that, you cannot choose a side. Pick one.

I love reading. I can finish 3 books in a month, if have the time.

If anyone would like more information about me, do not hesitate to ask.

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Nerd - you crack me up alla time!
I wonder - is "knowing how to talk to a woman" the same thing as "knowing how to talk to women"?
Oui, although Jaume! Is it better to know how to talk to women, or how to talk to a (specific) woman? :P

Mahaha. Maaahaha.

Yes yes, we tease Andrew. Welcome to AN. :)
You tell me. I dunno any (specific) woman.

Well. I suppose it is better to talk to women. Being a master at talking to one woman would extraordinarily useful unless, of course, that woman didn't want to talk back! Quandaries abound in the world of semantics...
Thank you. :)
I did NOT know how to talk to a woman when I was 16. In fact... I was petrified.

Pun intended?
Liquid courage for the win?
If anyone would like more information about me, do not hesitate to ask.

Do you have a twin, single brother or cousin closer to about 42 in age? ;-)

Seriously though, good to have you here. Love your avatar. Where is that symbol from?
My oldest brother is in his 30s and lives in Jersey with his partner.

My Sister lives with us with her 2 year old kid.

My other brother is dead . . . suicide.

Cousins, I don't really know, my mother's side is spread up and down the east coast, and my father's is . . . I think in Jupiter, Fl.

The Avater is off some site I found in Google Images
I too lost a brother to suicide. Sorry to hear it.
Hello there Andrew. You seem like a really confident guy which is key for women. I'm 19 and I still have trouble telling guys I like them, that I like them. Pretty sad for someone my age. Lol!


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