Hello fellow atheists. Given some of the introductions Ive just read and the experiences alot of others have had, the origin of my atheism is quite banal.


At no point have I been subjected to any religious 'hard sell' (for which Im extremely fortunate), my family are mainly agnostic, verging on not giving toss either way, and apart from recieving a book of psalms in junior school, no school based indoctrination. During religious studies in school, when I learnt of the other main religions, is what triggered agnostism in me. I was only 10 at the time and I couldnt accept any one particular religion being right whilst all others were wrong. My teachers would only answer along the old line of 'its about what you believe' while I would ask 'but which one is true?'


Within a couple of years it was a quick transition from doubt to full disbelief. Now when I look around at religious organizations, I can only see the harm and division they bring. I look forward to learning more here on the nexus.


If you wish to follow me on twitter, you can find me as @AtheistHawkeye

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Glad to hear that some get out easy, in any case!  I take it this was a public school?




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