It's Easier to Change from One Religion to Another Than It Is to Quit Religion

After I quit Catholicism, I read a book that compared Xianity's major denomination and knew I could not switch to one of them. Yet, I loved the sound of a large pipe organ in a cathedral-like building.

A second book compared the world's major religions and knew I could not switch to one of them. Yet, I felt relieved that they all had some form of xianity's Golden Rule.

A third book on the various origin myths left me satisfied with not knowing how the universe and life began.

So much for guitting intellectually. Quitting emotionally came later and required me to hit a bottom much as alcoholics say they have to hit.

What say you?

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Totally agree, Tom.  It leaves me shaking my head when I see at the (rarer and rarer) bookstore so few books on philosophy and so many shelves filled with New Age witchcrafty stuff, but it must fill a need.

Jerry, philosophy requires more mental power than many people have.

One day in a philosophy  class the professor lectured too long over whether he existed. I wanted to help him decide and knew I could, but he would have to let me stick a pin in his butt.

I briefly checked out paganism.

I liked their concern for the environment, and their skyclad rites. I told one very attractive young skyclad witch who was smoking a cigarette the world needs more witches, not fewer, and to let xians smoke.

However, they too had superstitions so I left.

Apparently the opiate of the masses has severe withdrawal effects.

Your withdrawal must have been hard, John. You bought into the Big Bang religion.

I'm surprised that the BB's singularity claim didn't start you to thinking.

Infinitely hot, when heat is molecules moving about and bouncing off each other?

How will all that movement happen inside an infinitely dense particle?

That's less real than xianity's trinity.




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