Apparently Chief Justice Roy Moore can't stand the thought of obeying federal laws. Go ahead, point and laugh. Maybe this will get his ass kicked out of the office, AGAIN.

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The tide has turned and Judge Moore apparently doesn't like it.  Gay marriage is slowly but surely becoming a fait accompli across the United States, and it sticks in his craw.  Now, like Wallace at the door of the school half a century ago, he stands as bigotry's last line of defense.  He claims that the federal ruling has caused "confusion."  I suspect the only confusion is on his part, as regards why so few people are siding with him anymore.

This guy's just gonna have to have his nose rubbed in it, isn't he?

The federal ruling has caused confusion. Like how? Does he think that a young non-gay man is suddenly going to go out and marry his best friend? What confusion is Moore talking about?

No, straight men are going to start marring other men or their pets.

And menageries á trois (or more!) will be popping up all over Alabama!

And the problem with that is...?

(Any hypothetical god who was upset about responsible nonmonogamy would have smitten the offenders many times over by now.)

LOL - I wonder what a smitten puppy looks like.

That's it! If they allow this thing I want to marry my horse.

I think most women will agree that men are pigs. 

Maybe he's confused that his bigoted opinion isn't getting its way any more.  NAH, couldn't be that!  [grin!]

Im anxious to see what SCOTUS says in the end. It seems promising but if one gets sick or something, or if the pope makes a stink... not wanting to generalize, but the Catholic majority might be an issue.

Wallace turned around, years later. It was interesting to see that.




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