With the withdrawal of the last candidate who had personally been asked by God to run for President, right-wing Christians are at a loss for whom to support in November, but they know who to blame for their candidates' failures…themselves.

"We failed to pray hard enough for Cain, Bachmann, Perry and Santorum," admitted the Reverend Dr. Oral Willkie, politico-evangelical head honcho at the Thomas E. Dewey School of Theology of  the Tennessee Beaten Bible College (motto—"You're Out of Your Mind if You Don't Believe in Intelligent Design").

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Cognitive dissonance writ large!

The religious right, who believe that god has a master plan, trying to figure out why the lord has left them with a choice between center right Democrat who panders to their religion and that doesn't represent their theocratic desires and a center right Republican who panders to their religion and that doesn't represent their theocratic desires.  It truly must give them cognitive dissonance at a very high level.  Blaming themselves might very well be the only way they can get their heads around it.  I almost feel sorry for them, almost.  Except for me, more than 300 years after the enlightenment, I'm looking at the most powerful democracy on the planet, and going, "damn, the politicians still have to pander to superstition to get elected."  I don't even get the "I didn't pray hard enough" card to make myself think I can change things.  I'm one person in a nation of 300M and people with bigger soapboxes and greater abilities than me haven't been able to change it.  So I really don't feel sorry for the religious right at all. Instead I just go well, damn, I do hope the enlightenment reaches these shores one day.  In the mean time I'll pick the candidate that I think is "just pandering" the most.  In other words in matters of religion, I really want the most dishonest person I can elect (there is some cognitive dissonance someone should feel sorry for). 




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