Accoding to Rick Santorum, the tiny handful of same sex marriages, in a few states, is the reason that the US has its record low.  What will happen if sodomite marriage hits all 50 states?  Great-grandpa John Jacob will be dumping great grandma Hazel for his new boyfriend.  Oh the horror.


Rick Santorum

Here is 1 effect of changing definition of marriage "@HuffingtonPost: Marriage rate in America drops to new low

Listen everyone, I'm really sorry.  I feel terrible.  It's my fault you are living alone, standing by the fridge in your sweats and dirty white T-shirt, eating Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream directly out of the container.  What can I do to make up for this?  Please, don't trip over that potato chip bag on the floor - it will make me feel really worse.  Damn, I'm so sorry.

Oh wait - I'm not married either.  Guys can't marry their sodomite partners in my state.

Never mind.

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Yeah he's full of crap. It's just an excuse for them to be bigots.

It's funny that in his mind this correlation automatically means "causation". 

With his knowledge of science, does this really surprise you?

Santorum is catholic.  With all of those unmarried priests running around, and all of those nuns who are supposedly "married to Jesus" (so much for one man/one woman) it's amazing he is still married.

It's the following that creeps me out more.  Without them, he would just be another nutcase blathering in church.

And, lest we forget.  According to our ever-so-devout public morality mouthpieces who peek into  bedroom windows, the LGTB community is also destroying marriage in this country.  Well.............except for one small nagging fact.

According to the US Census Bureau, the states with the highest divorce rate in 2009 - in order - are:

Nevada, Wyoming, West Virginia, Idaho, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama, Alaska, Colorado and Florida.  Needless to say, we're talking mostly red states here which have a significant population of arm waving, tambourine banging, babble in tongues, evangelicals. Is it just me, or are the bible thumpers doing a great job of destroying marriage all on their own, without any outside help?

Excellent point.  So is evangelism the cause of the low marriage rate?  

Then again, this writer in the Washington Post proposes that same sex marriage would improve the marriage rate.  

in "D.C. Superior Court, from the date same-sex marriage became legal (March 3, 2010) until Oct. 21, 2011, there were 10,751 applications for marriage licenses filed. In the 365 days ending March 2, 2010, the court received 3,101 applications. In the year ending March 2 of this year, the number of applications more than doubled to 6,604."


"Six months into the new law’s effect, D.C. Council member David A. Catania (I-At Large) told me that data from D.C. Superior Court suggested that more same-sex couples were getting married here than heterosexual couples." That might be pent-up demand.  I suspect so.  Plus, that info won't make Santorum happy.

Santorum is an idiot.  Enough said.

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