It's not about Trump, it's a much better sign than it appears

  This election was not about Republicans, Democrats, Trump, or Hillary, it's much deeper than that. It's a sign of the times and I believe it could be a very good one. It's about change and not the typical change we hear about in every election cycle, what ever "change" is.

  Bernie Sanders was was relatively obscure socialist politician with little money and without the powerful backing that Hillary had. He literally gave Hillary a run for her money and nearly beat her. On the other side Trump beat the evangelical Christian conservatives hands down, not to mention the moderates. Again with little money and no political experience.

  This was an all inclusive movement against the establishment. So what does this mean? There many dynamics to politics but I would like to put to microscope to just the humanist/Atheist movement not to suggest that it is the most influential of factors but merely to look at how our country has steadily become more secular and how it may apply and indicate a possible improvement to our nation.

  We as Atheist love to look at the statistics of how exponentially more and more Americans describe themselves as unaffiliated as a religious preference. I believe the major push of this change of culture started with the hippies or flower children of the 60s. With this movement there was certainly less dependence on theist beliefs and much more focus on free thought. Since then we've had the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the lgbti movement to name a few. All of these were anti-establishment in nature.

Trump was simply the most anti-establishment candidate in the running. This is not an indication people believed he was the best but simply the furthest from run of the mill politicians. This indicates a civil rebellion! So What exactly are we rebelling against? Business as usual? Perhaps a bit of theistic politics and the limitations of freedom thereof. We certainly as a nation have not gravitated towards stricter "Morality" laws.

I don't know what " change"  is coming or even if Trump will be a good President. What I do know is that the fact that we the people have rejected the establishment is a very good sign when looking at the big picture for the humanist/Atheist community and by proxy our nation as a whole.

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 That is a very good question. I have not considered it from a specifically psycho- social aspect. I believe say denial has gotten us to this point as far as social issues. Our rejection of status quo and protest seem to indicate anger. Anger can be very good as it mobilises, it is important that this mobilization is civil and nonviolent. The question is how to best use that energy to have the best possible effect on our nation. I am optimistic that though there will certainly be growing pains this country will move further away from theist delusion and more toward reason and actual solutions to problems. This is strictly looking through a humanist/Atheist prospective. 

 Do you believe I have come to a valid possible conclusion?

I'm still in stage one :(

It may not be utterly about Drumpf specifically, but it's about what he's selling and the mindsets of those who are buying it.  It's about NOT having to change, NOT recognizing inconvenient truths and unpleasant realities.  It's about saying it's okay to be bigoted, to be misogynistic, and to maintain personal myopia, even though all of the above harm society, potentially to the point of its eventual extinction.  Drumpf effectively exploited all those chinks in our societal armor, all the atavistic and anachronistic schools of thought which were somewhat dormant in our culture until Obama's election as president.  That was only one button to push.  Drumpf knew the rest of them and jabbed at them all, creating his coalition of deplorables in sufficient number to overwhelm Clinton's "Stronger Together" message.

Drumpf clearly catered to the security of sameness, the white-bread life of the past, as opposed to the kind of diversity which is the here-and-now and our future, whether they like it or not, a paradigm which is admittedly more difficult, but has the virtue of long-term survivability.  The sad fact is that too many people live in the kinds of geographical or emotional or attitudinal niches which cling to the status quo and resist change at all costs.  So long as those nooks and crannies persist and can be used, they WILL be used, resulting in the further Balkanization of our country, the emphasis of differences over commonalities, and possibly the disintegration of society, culture, and possibly the viability of the planet itself.

I've said it more times than I can count: we HAVE to grow up, if we are to survive.  The election of Drumpf is NOT "growing up;" it is retrogression and it is dangerous ... and it is clear to me that there remain too many people who simply JUST DON'T CARE ... and that could kill us all.

I certainly hope we don't go backwards on social issues, I hope people found the hype appealing and were simply blind to the bigotry as you described. Most people don't really pay much attention to politics so they are easily misled. My point is as misguided as the people may have been I believe they are intending to make more changes toward humanism. The sad thing is if people have good intentions and are wrong, they are no less wrong. I just hope this election cycle is an indication that there is generally a little more intent to use more reason. We shall see.

I certainly hope we don't go backwards on social issues,...

I just hope this election cycle is an indication that there is generally a little more intent to use more reason.

We appear to live in different realities, Compelledunbeliever. NeoNazis just captured the White House, and an extremist GOP controls the Senate and House and most state governments. This election was the opposite of using reason. Chris Hedges put it best, this is  magical thinking, of a particular self-destructive variety.

Trump is emblematic of what anthropologists call “crisis cults.” A society in terminal decline often retreats into magical thinking. Reality is too much to bear. It places its faith in the fantastic and impossible promises of a demagogue or charlatan who promises the return of a lost golden age. [emphasis mine]

Absolutely again you are right. I don't agree with trump or even like him. This election has possessed the same exact traits of a religious cult. Defined by people acting on emotions, not necessary directly on reason. What I am attempting to address is the fact that people of this country for what ever reason have been driven by emotion to want to shake up the government. I am in no way suggesting the choices have been correct or rational, only that to me it may indicate a beginning that could lead toward more humanist thinking. Luckily many of the Conservatives have become more moderate due to pressure from their constituents. We now as Atheist need to keep doing what we are doing and maintain our momentum. Believe me I do not however see any pie in the sky. Thank you

The very nature of this election's results is a complete rejection of the social gains made under Obama.  Drumpf campaigned against virtually all of them and his basket of deplorables just lapped it up and loved it, because it validated their antiquated mindsets to a T.

The question now is the degree to which President Drumpf resembles Candidate Drumpf, whether the weight of the presidential mantle can sufficiently move his thinking and whether his pledge to be the president of all Americans is genuine or not.  The problem, once again, resembles that of the holy books we rail against.  They were written to be all things to all people, and Donnie has been no different in that regard.  Once upon a time, Drumpf said ONE thing and later he said something 180° opposed to that.  Which one does he mean?  The man said he wanted to be unpredictable, and because of that unpredictability, there are a LOT of people in this country (and out of it!) who are on tenterhooks, wondering which one will sift out.

Dealing with the results of this election have been hard enough.  Not knowing which Drumpf we're getting out of it will be infinitely harder.

One fortunate thing is he personally seems to be a Christian because its just a good idea or a good idea to pretend to be. He actually seems quite secular minded and not particularly concerned about Christian beliefs. I just hope he is not influenced by the evangelical right. I know everyone is rightly concerned including myself. Our best course of action is to continue to do what we are doing and support groups like the American Atheist, and Freedom From Religion Foundation. 

Loren, again I agree with you. I'm concerned about gays, immigrants, the poor, handicapped..... Everyone he mocked and derided.
Q-M, I think ky has a lock on bigotry :(
I'm a long time free speech et cetera fan and a few years ago heard from reliable sources -- lesbians -- that Canada was stopping lesbian porn at the border. What's the situation now?

We'll just have to figure out how to send over some of the excess heat from southern (and even not-so-southern sometimes!) US states!




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