Here's how the London Daily Telegraph put it: 


"Pope's final address: God was asleep on my watch."


"Pope Benedict XVI gave an emotional farewell speech to tens of thousands of faithful in St Peter's Square, saying there were times during his eight-year papacy 'when it seemed that the Lord was sleeping'."   

This is extraordinary coming from any prelate. What might he have really meant, besides admitting that his prayers had been useless?

Did he mean that his so-called omnipotent god was impotent too?

And what else?  

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I used to hope the next pope would be a black lesbian, but then realized that black women are perhaps the most powerful people alive.

It is the first non-living thing in my knowledge that sleeps.

I asked a Roman Catholic nun why she remained loyal to the pope and she responded "The pope is irrelevant; I remain loyal to the church because of community."

Well, there you have one clue. Individuals and people want community. That is what atheists lack, big time, because we are like the proverbial cats being herded. 

It seems to me that diversity is our strength and the one thing holding us together is the concept of no superhuman power that is unseeable, unknowable, all powerful, and all knowing making plans for our lives, that does not answer our prayers, that does not heal us.

If this is true, from where does our meaning, purpose, guidance, knowledge, and community come?

From my perspective, it comes from inside each one of us, and we have the ability to see and hear others' perspectives, and to learn and gain strength from each other. Instead of egos getting in the way of progress, we can perceive ourselves as participants in renewing human values that matter and that will increase the probability of Earth recovering from our greed. 

So, this is good news!!!

The problem with her loyalty to the church because of community is that, whether she likes it or not, her support for the RC community also amounts to a support for a paternalistic society which disempowers women (her and her fellow nuns, among many others), castigates homosexuals, sanctions the actions of pedophile priests, promotes anachronistic policies which are actively causing harm, pain and death worldwide, and in general fail to recognize a world which is swiftly passing them by.  That is a brand of community I can do well without.

Meantime, we have THIS community, the community of Atheist Nexus, and there are many others like it.  This is closely related to the tens of thousands of people who gathered on the Mall in Washington, DC and celebrated REASON not quite a year ago.  This is a community I am very proud to be a part of and participate in.

One last matter: her community is becoming smaller, particularly as people recognize the perfidies of the church and LEAVE.  Our community is GROWING.

Joan, on that nun's "...I remain loyal to the church because of community."

Deceiving one's self is so easy; with a convent's community there comes economic security.

There comes also dominance and submission. For some, submission  is comforting.

When the bishops bring their hammer down, what will the activist Nuns on the Bus do? I hope they're strong enough to leave.

So it may be really cool if the next pope is black.. and even gay???

They are a weird bunch indeed

Guess god must always be asleep!!




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