Here's how the London Daily Telegraph put it: 


"Pope's final address: God was asleep on my watch."


"Pope Benedict XVI gave an emotional farewell speech to tens of thousands of faithful in St Peter's Square, saying there were times during his eight-year papacy 'when it seemed that the Lord was sleeping'."   

This is extraordinary coming from any prelate. What might he have really meant, besides admitting that his prayers had been useless?

Did he mean that his so-called omnipotent god was impotent too?

And what else?  

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But did you see the vacation cottage where he was taken in his helicopter?  And he only used it about 5 times a year.  Think of the staff and upkeep for this place.

And also, "Don't call me.  I'll call you."

asleep, non-existent, made up - tell us something we don't know Papi.  it's time for Catholics to wake from their slumber as well. 

Yes; and actually I had the impression that most believers are really sleep walking anyway. 

i actually hold out hope for the Catholics.  i know in Ireland Catholicism is on it's death bed.  now i don't know if they just switched religions or have turned Atheist/Agnostic, but it's a positive sign regardless.  it can happen here too, and this papal resignation comes at a sensitive time for American Catholics.  anyway, its seems the Vatican has given up on most of the world and is concentrating their efforts on un-educated Africans. 

i have no hope for Evangelicals though.  they keep getting crazier and more wrapped in their religion.  they're a true lost cause. 

yeah, it's pretty crazy how quickly that came on in Ireland.  

evangelicals may be on the decline, but it's minimal.  there's no real catalyst like in the catholic church.  and evangelicals are growing increasingly rigid and fundamental.  most mainstream catholics are calling for reform (they won't get it) from church leaders.  they want women priests, married priests, and less of a focus on contraception.  there's no such movement in the evangelical world.  

Joe, it's like this: your "lord" wasn't asleep.  It wasn't awake, either.  It wasn't ignoring you or laughing at you or having a beer or out for a night with the guys or sleeping off a drunk afterward.

Your lord WAS NOT and IS NOT.  It NEVER HAS BEEN ... and after all this time, you actually believe that there was something real about that overblown concept, that makes you out as even more pathetic than I might have thought you are.

I recall when young and a new Pope had just been elected, a friend whispering to me: "he is about to learn the ultimate of all the secrets that the Vatican holds and passes down to the newby, namely, that the Jesus thing is nothing but a fraud and the Popes have always known it." 

If that's a secret, it's a piss-poorly kept secret.  I've heard stories of conversations in seminaries about how their holy book is a load of crap, but you can't tell the congregation or the parish or the mosque that.  At some level or other, many, perhaps most of these people have recognized that they're peddling bullshit.  Unfortunately, very few of them have the courage to separate themselves from it and fewer yet the chutzpah to call those who continue to teach it on their bullshit.

Religion has so woven itself into human culture that removing it seems unthinkable to the vast majority.  Most of that majority fail to see the problem religion poses and cannot consider its removal, even in the face of the scandals associated with it that we see today.  That is why we can't afford to let up, why we must continue to be vocal, continue to be confrontational and NEVER ... BACK ... DOWN.

Perhaps he will open up an account here on AN now that he has free time, and an understanding that god is noncommunicative and really good at hiding.

nowi feel like i need to open up a new account here with the username POPEBGONE, or EXPOPE, or ATHEISTPOPE, or FUCKMEMOTHERFUCKER, or GODOESNTTALKTOMEANDNEVERDID, or...

May the next pope be a gay black man!




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