get out your Scrooge faces ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Fox News' annual war on Christmas!  fighting for a holiday that is clearly on it's deathbed (i mean, we only start celebrating it before Thanksgiving) is General Bill O'Reilly.  his adversary - anonymous "secular progressives" (i think he means us) who want to kill baby Jesus in his manger.  

seriously, could this man's pandering be any more obvious?  does he really think that people saying happy holidays is an affront to humanity?  i always kinda want to punch O'Reilly in the mouth, but this year i'd like to take a giant candy cane and stick it right up his ass.  

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We should call this the Fox news War for the War on Christmas. This may be the only war where nobody has ever shown up, except the right wing agitators.

It would at least be an accurate name for it.

Gee whiz ... why aren't they calling it a war on Yule?  Or a war on Saturnalia?  Or a war on the 23.5 degree tilt in the Earth's axis?!?

We need a logo, bumperstickers, t-shirts. I propose a howitzer, pointed at 23.5 degrees. Maybe something else but I'm grasping at straws here. Need suggestions from the peanut gallery.

they're one step ahead of us:

Are they, REALLY?  How about THIS on a T-shirt:

make it happen!!  i'd happily wear mine to my mom's house on xmas day. and have a selection of such shirts!

...and we're not just talking about grandma's extra special eggnog either.

Loren that's a very spiffy logo!

"Happy Holidays, with a red hot poker" kind of misses the mark.


[edit-meant this for the above "Happy Holidays is what Liberals say" t-shirt]

i don't know if anyone actually watched O'Reilly's segment, but anyone else kinda freaked out about the way he says "secular progressives"?  he uses this term A LOT.  and he uses it as an insult.  i'm not sure if he's aware that 99% of things in life are indeed secular.  everything but religion.  but when religion encompasses everything you do i guess the idea of secularism is abhorrent.  very strange worldview, imo.




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