Infant Miracle: North Caucuses infant develops Koranic Scripture of flesh, draws crowds.

Submit your own theories for how it's being faked.

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So... of all of the ways a God can show himself to his people (that already believe in him to the point of extreme measure) he chooses a kid's leg? I don't know HOW it's being faked but it obviously is. Well, if they aren't gullible they aren't anything.
Odd isn't it?

Lemon juice and a warm room maybe?

I also thought the Vox Pop was suitably appalling.

We should all embrace peace... and become more devout.
Heh, weenie's are moderating comments. Only wanted to tell them it looks like a hot pork fat burn to me.

Ma says the baby cries whenever new writing appears. Ma is also too stupid to ask where Pa is at that particular time.
ah the freak connections made by chance occurances
those faithful have all the answers aye?
well, one answer, for their minds can't grasp many answers at once
The bigger story is how it was reported by the media. Not a single expression of doubt, no alternative explanations. It was just reported as if it were not an absurd scam. No expression of concern for the baby either.
I know. Kind of shameful of Reuters.




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