So, I've been thinking about shit, as I'm won't to do when I'm laid up -- a nice souvenir from my last adventure.

So... um... pride. I'm not such a big fan of it, though I can understand in certain circumstances why people would be proud of themselves. I'm proud of certain photos I've taken or paint jobs I've done. Children are sometimes proud of their report cards. Professionals are proud of their work. I can understand that. It's things one has put effort into or contributed to or has some control over.

There's racial and national pride that I will always be suspicious of.

Then there's pride in things that puzzle me. The most pertinent one is pride in one's religion. I really see no way that works. It's happened to me more times than I care to count. I've talked to some street preachers and had street preachers approach me and I get some analog of, "Oh, well I'm a Christian," and on one occasion, "I'm a Mormon." On a few occasions I say, "That's great, but you should be embarrassed."

Honestly, they should. My god is his own son and he's a zombie -- and he can make you a zombie too.  Or better yet: My god is a space alien who can't defeat savages with stone weapons -- and he can make you a space alien too. Or: My god can bring down blood and fire from the sky but hasn't been answering our calls for help for the past couple centuries. Or: My god promises me sex, lots of bloody, messy, sex, and all I have to do is die in his name.

They should be fucking embarrassed. Their space daddies are stupid. It's like a child coming home and saying, "Look ma, I failed Math again," expecting ma to put the thing on the fridge. 

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Wow, this post didn't go where I was expecting it to, and I liked it. A lot. Way to call a spade a spade!
I also wonder why they're not embarrassed!! I mean, have they heard the words coming out of their own mouths??




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