Sometimes politicians and political pundits are surprised by election results when they misread the mood of the electorate. In Canada, Thomas Mulcair was guilty of that. In the U.S. two outsiders are drawing a lot of attention that harken to dissatisfaction with a rigged political process. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both taking on the traditional ruling establishment.

Donald Trump is a huckster and marketer and has a record of bombast with no substance. Bernie Sanders has a record on being on the right side of issues when it was unpopular to speak up and has been vindicated each time as the American public catches up with him on issues like the Iraq war, the financial crises and the one percenters.

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic contest in New York while paradoxically Bernie Sanders drew huge crowds in places like Manhattan. Unfortunately, people were excluded from voting in that pivotal primary. The reasoning to exclude voters is that the other side may vote in numbers to push an unelectable candidate in the opposing party.

Based on the crowd sizes and the excitement of independents that is not what is happening here. The Democratic establishment is rigging the process with their tactics. They may win the battle and have Clinton as the presidential candidate but may lose the war because it seems like the U.S. electorate is ready to rebel against a corporate engineered result.

If they vote with their gut in the United States, Trump will beat Clinton. Sadly, Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald Trump because he is a rare instance of emotion and reason converging to lift a country back to greatness.

Russell Pangborn, Keswick

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Clinton will have to work hard on getting a disillusioned electorate out to vote, so that Trump does not win due to low turnout of Democrats and Progressives. It's not the done deal that some pundits promote.

A lot of Sanders supporters are depressed.

In Canada we had two terms of a Conservative Prime Minister where 2/3 voted either NDP or Liberal and the Conservative 1/3 got too much of a say in the direction of the country during those years. But, our recently deposed Conservative Prime Minister who inspired me to write countless negative letters to the editor is a genius and great statesman compared to Donald Trump.

I really hope Hillary gets indicted

I hear over and over allegations of corruption. But have yet to hear anything substantive. Seems to me it is a double-standard that is behind the slander. You got anything to justify your hope Jennifer?

I haven't been following this story, however, this is what one writer wrote: 

"More than 2,000 emails containing classified information was sent to and from Clinton via the unsecured server that IT experts believe was almost certainly compromised by hackers working for foreign powers like Russia and China."

As i understand it the FBI has concluded its investigation. The emails were not classified before she received or sent..

We have constitutional protection against ex post facto laws. And not that it is a justification cuz it may have reflected poor judgment but other prominent politicians did the same.

If Hillary had so much as an unpaid jaywalking ticket from 30 years ago, she'd already be on death row.

The Clinton Foundation did give their donors cupcake arm deals during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. So we already know that she isnt above bribery. Who knows what she's trying to keep from her own servers.

Thanks for the link.

It is news to me.




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