So get this, prettymuch EVERYONE in my family is athiest or just doesn't care to think about it at all. It's been this way for a long time until BAM! My cousin Talos is born and somehow stumbles into religion all on her own. She's only 13 so i can't say she's gonna fall for this her whole life, but she's pretty into it. She's goes to a catholic camp, church every sunday, catholic school, she's got pictures of Jebus and Bloody Mary and fucking's weird. It's like she was possessed at birth. Even weirder, her grandmother who's old and philipino and should be religious cause they always are, totally isn't! How did this come about!?

Most importantly, how do i get her to stop?

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Wow, can't pick yur family eh? Your older brother sounds like my grama kinda, she's all naturey and spiritual but doesn't believe in god. I personally don't see a difference but whatever floats her boat.
As for yur sister-in-law, you either have to be vaguely religious and feminist or vaguely feminist and religious, i honestly don't think you can be both on the same level. Religion prettymuch looks down on woman right?
I've noticed a lot of middle schoolers tend to be highly religious. I think it's because of the awkwardness of puberty and social adjustment problems. So it's appealing to believe you're loved just the way you are by someone other than your mother, and then that you belong in a group of your peers who might have rejected you otherwise. Because she's not surrounded by the highly religious at home, she's likely to outgrow it, but you can just make sure she learns others' beliefs. Both that of non-religion and other religions. That may help her to realize that Catholicism isn't necessarily the answer.
You're probably right, alot of her friends go to the same church as her. My family's plan is to do it delicately till she's 18 and then just beat it out of her :)
Spot on.

Religion gives her a sense of belonging. She may or may not outgrow it. Hopefully, if she just wants to connect and belong to a group (most of us do), she'll find another outlet.

Does she play sports or is she involved in other activities? Those are the kinds of confidence builders and 'team' oriented things that may break her faith. Right now she's playing the game of life for Team Christ.
She likes anime, she's all into the japanese thing but unforunately so are all of her church buddies lol. I'm trying to convince my aunt to make her go to a public highschool insead of the catholic one...all the little shits walk around with this undeserved sense of superiority. But my fam want her there just cause it's really close to the house...ugh that's such a dumb reason to condem a girl to a life of ignorant servitude.
Lol, Japan doesn't really understand Christianity so I can't imagine any of the Church itself approving. What you should do then is try introducing her to anime conventions as a (pricier but more fun) alternative to some church weekends. Nothing is more fun than seeing people dressed as your favorite characters. I do them myself. XD
I love those! I don't even like anime but those conventions are so fun X) Everyone's always so friendly lol
You get hugs from everyone, especially if you're dressed as a beloved character. XD I always go as the Queen of Hearts. My friends want me to go as a white mage next time, though.

I spend most of my time in the dealer's room, personally. I've found so many cute items like the strawberry pocky purse I always carry.
I love the queen of hearts! X) There's one at every convention lol. I go to anime north here in toronto it's awesome. Yeah the hug thing must be a popular idea cause there's always some group of girls giving out "free hugs" at them lol. I take them every time cause they're usually pretty hot hehehe.
I should look into Anime expo since I'm now in L.A., but I normally do A-kon in Dallas and Ikkicon in Austin.
Yeah some friends and i have discussed going to this big convention they have in California. You should take a trip to ours, it's huge cause its the biggest..probably only one in Canada that anyone cares about. Plus we're such nice people you can't go wrong :)
A bit far for me to drive on my own and Southwest Airlines doesn't fly to Canada. >.< I'd have to find a group willing to roadtrip that far north and to share a hotel room with.




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