So get this, prettymuch EVERYONE in my family is athiest or just doesn't care to think about it at all. It's been this way for a long time until BAM! My cousin Talos is born and somehow stumbles into religion all on her own. She's only 13 so i can't say she's gonna fall for this her whole life, but she's pretty into it. She's goes to a catholic camp, church every sunday, catholic school, she's got pictures of Jebus and Bloody Mary and fucking's weird. It's like she was possessed at birth. Even weirder, her grandmother who's old and philipino and should be religious cause they always are, totally isn't! How did this come about!?

Most importantly, how do i get her to stop?

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She's 13 let her make up her own mind.
Let a 13 year old make up her own mind? She'd be dead by are...well they're kids.
Your children are not your children. The choices they make are their own. You can guide her in your direction if you like, but in the end it'll be her decision to make.
My extended family is LDS, but they're not completely psychotic. My cousin and I use to play together every week, he was my best friend. Then, puberty. Now I'm an Atheist and he's Super-Mormon. Like Super Super Super Mormon. He comes to our house to cut up his calendar of LDS temples, so he can take all the pictures and post them on the wall. He goes to church events even when he's out of town. He can't wait to go on a mission. Even his parents are a bit weirded-out.

I think the "why" of it is mostly that age. When you hit 12-13, you need something. You need to belong, you need to believe in something, you need to feel like you know what's going on. We just end up at different ends, for different reasons.

I'd like to say if she has this much nontheism in her life she'll grow out of it? Otherwise, she'll probably be confronted with enough logic to be okay anyway.
Oh gawd i know how you feel, i have a really close friend who's super weirdly religious...sometimes it can make things turn ugly between us, really ugly.
I don't take many things in my life seriously, but art is one of those things. I've been an artist since I can remember and back in highschool i begged my art teacher to give us a model. It was highschool so i knew it was a long shot but she got us one! I was so excited and i ended up learning so much cause that was my first time drawing a real nude person (anatomy is my area of study). So anyway my friend met up with me after class that day and she started going on about how what we were doing was just pornography. I'm sure I don't need to explain how fucking pissed that made me.
But that was the first time her religious views made us fight and I thought it was really weird. I remember going through some time thinking we might not be able to sustain our friendship if we believed such radically different things.
It's weird how so many western theists look down on nudity so much considering it's their god's perfect creation. >.x
Oh man we've had so many epic arguements about our clashing views but that was the worst one cause if memory serves me right she had no least none that made sense.
You don't "stop" her. That's evangelical intervention and it's what theotards do. All you can do is hope she stops being stupid and be there to help her if she needs it.
Lol i was mostly joking when i said i'd forcibly stop her, i aint stupid enough to take away something that's such a huge part of her life right now, i'm just at the beginning of my attempts to start steering her away without making it obvious.
above everything i say i know she's just a kid with simple thoughts in her cute little head. But I don't want to see her become some douschebag catholic kid who'll eventually grow up to be some douschebag fundi. I want her to see the world for what it is, not some black and white world where you have to live a life by strickt stupid rules or you wont be happy after you die. I don't think happiness should come from obliviousness...
Some folks are born douchebags. No family's immune. Be there if needed, but don't lose any sleep either. Douchebags are necessary for statisticians.
Perhaps this is her way of rebelling. Anything that her parents do is "un-cool" and she wants to do the opposite. I think she'll grow out of it.
I'm hoping, cause she is kind of a b**** to my aunt




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