Hi, I'm 15 and just became an atheist about 5-6 months ago. I've always been pretty skeptical, but always held my belief in God..... then I actually learned something :P

What really made me stop believing were the large amount of contradictions between religion and science. I guess I'm a bit of an oddity though, since I'm not a ex-Christian, I'm an ex-Jew. If you think Christian indoctrination is bad, you should visit a temple :)

I've come out to my friends and I don't really care who knows that I'm an atheist in my school, but I haven't found a way to tell my parents yet. The only other person in my family that knows is my sister, who is an agnostic. But my parents don't know about her either.

Anyway, it's good to find a community of people that think like me :D

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Thanks :)

And I live in New York, so there aren't too many people here that are anti-atheist.
Welcome to Atheist Nexus Dan and congratulations on using your rational mind! Make sure to check out the groups section for more like minded people - here are a few that may interest you: Young Atheists, Secular Student Alliance, and New York Atheists. We have 677+ groups and 14,828+ members here on Nexus, I'm sure you will fit right in!
Dan, I'm an ex-jew too. We are actually pretty common in the atheistic community.
Really? I haven't met any besides you yet :)

I also said that based on a poll on Richard Dawkins' website. Only 3 people, including me, voted as being an ex-jew.
Dangerous is right, here are some more Jewish Atheists.
Thanks :D
no problem! ;)
Welcome! May you be caressed by His Noodly Appendage soon! :D
I do hope you enjoy your stay!




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