Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

I'm a professional motion graphic designer by trade -- nowhere near as accomplished as the likes of those making the big Hollywood disaster movies that almost routinely show fantastic breaches of the laws of nature and blur the lines between what is real and what is imagined.

When I consider the magical visuals that are possible with todays still crude technology, I think of how easily it would be for a person with even my basic skills to totally bamboozle an entire civilization that was NOT technologically advanced into believing in any sort of magical beast or diety I wanted to portray.
I could even be a god, if I chose.

If I'm having this thought, don't you think that it might have been had many times before in the history of humankind?

Couldn't this explain the existence of all the absurd religious mythologies that unfortunately rule our world?


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It's not really a question that it might have happened. It did happen.


There were temples in ancient Greece (and I would assume elsewhere) that would use new technology to simulate miracles. The temples would compete to create the most impressive miracles and outdo each other, not unlike street magicians.


There are also situations where superstitions and religious laws would be taken advantage of. Take for example the famous battle of Thermopylae (basis for the comic book & movie called "300"), where the Persians attacked Greece during the Olympics, when it was forbidden to go to war, even to defend your home. That is why king Leonidas brought with him only his 300 bodyguards to defend against the Persians, rather than the entire Spartan army.




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