Hi! I'm stephen, and I became an atheist very recently. A couple months ago I was a proud christian fundamentalist (really! I argued for the scientific merit of the bible!!), but I left my evangelical "community" church after realizing how disgusted I was at the members.

I planned on attending another church but after realizing I hadquestions unanswered, and I found some disturbing truths as to why I believed, I decided to leave religion altogether.

It's been liberating, living my life like it's theo nly one I'm cerain of. I was hoping to continue my philosophical studies, and if ayone here readign this has sites, places or books to recommend, please do so.

Also, am I the only atheist who thinks Richard Dawkins can be kinda a jerk? One of my closest fundie friends seems to think he's the emperor of atheism.

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Welcome to A|N. You're far from alone in some distaste for Dawkins. I've never seen him described as kind of a jerk, but even some here on A|N have expressed feelings that he's too forceful. Myself, I'm not in any of those camps; of course, I'm also not one of his fanboy cheerleaders, either.
Welcome, Welcome!

I've only been here about a month, but I am already quite comfortable and outspoken here =)

Hope you enjoy poking around the blogs and discussions!

I feel rather sad at times that people think that Dawkins is "King of the atheists."

I do intend to write him a letter sometime about his approaches.

You must understand that although a lot of us may not condone Dawkins' sometimes cruel treatment of theists, many of us think that religion is not only personally unhealthy, but also a poison of civilization and something that is extremely dangerous and promotes all kinds of oppression and violence.

Now that you're here, go looking for the blogs and discussions about why religion is such a danger to society. Hitchens is my favorite advocate of atheism because he is blunt, thinks religion is stupid and dangerous, but doesn't really have the same kind of personal hostility towards theists as much as having a "the truth hurts" approach.

Of course, i think he's a bit critical too, but much of atheism really does promote peace. many of us are simply angry about the injustices and oppressions against us.

Again, welcome to the site. It's a great place to learn more about what many of us stand for and why we think it's important for others to stop religion.

I haven't read "The God Delusion" yet, but I certainly reccommend Hitchens's "God is not great: why religion poisons everything"
Dawkins is great! He is very outspoken and has inspired a lot of us to come out. You need to get to know him. I went to AAI in Burbank and he was there all through the convention. His books are fantastic - read them all if you want to understand evolution and the evils of religion. Also watch his video shows. You can find most on the torrents = search for Dawkins and you may change your mind on him. He is not a jerk!

Your process of leaving your religion sounds like it wasn't based on science but the lies in the book. Learn some more of the science and evidence and your views may change on Dawkins.

BTW, Welcome to reality and to Atheist Nexus.
he can be a jerk sometimes. Definately. I've seen some mean videos. I'd say only 5-10% of his message is jerk-y though.

I only mean that I see where a theist might think he's a jerk if they take a selective mentality and look at these few videos of him answering theist's ignorant questions rudely.

This was filmed in Feb 2002 where the world was really angry and so was he!

More great videos are here from the convention last October.

Dawkins can definitely be over the top sometimes. Every time I think that, though, I remind myself that we need people to push the envelope. Sitting in the corner and being PC won't result in any progress. I read something today somewhere that when a Christian was asked about one of the atheist billboards going up across the country he responded "It's so atheist!". When atheism is no longer a synonym for evil for the majority of this country then we can thank people like Dawkins for making atheism a topic for discussion rather than a novelty.
right. I remind myself that Dawkins is extremely necesssary for rallying atheists like he helped me become more active.

I only don't think his approach is the best for converting theists, which is fine. There's plenty of other people that can do that. Let other people he inspires convert the theists.
I'm glad you're here. I'm pretty new. I think you'll find that the only thing most everyone agrees on this site is that religion is a pill--and not a good one. You don't have to like Dawkins. You are truly using your free will.




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