Hey, I'm Jennifer. I've been living in India for the past 2 1/2 years. I don't know when I stopped believing in the religion of my parents, but it's been an interesting journey nonetheless. Living around religious people, going to Catholic school and then Catholic college has made me a better person, all because I saw through all of the nonsense. But it can sometime get a little lonely. So here I am :D Hopefully I shall meet some new friends here.

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Welcome to A|N. You must be surrounded by strange religions in India. How does that feel?
Stranger than one where people eat the body and drink the blood of a zombie?
Hahaha! well the religions in India are quite bizarre. Lots of colourful idols everywhere and there is always some festival that needs to be celebrated out loud. Temple blare religious music without remorse and road blocks because of religious processions are commonplace. So it's strange, but it is a huge part of Indian culture.
Heh. I have an Indian friend in India who complains about the noise for certain festivals. I plan on taking earplugs next time I visit.

I think when you get down to it, all religions are bizarre. A zombie that ascends up into the sky seems about the most bizarre to me.

One thing I've learned about traditional Hinduism (pre-BJP, aka The Saffron Brigade) is that it is very tolerant of people practicing Hinduism in differing ways. I haven't yet come across anything in Indian history where warring Hindu sects tried to wipe each other out, like say, oh... The Inquisition, Crusades, Protestant Reformation, various Muslim groups (Shia vs. Sunni in some places), etc... Could be that I just haven't read enough Indian history yet, as there is a lot to read.

I think the idea that religion is "strange" in India (as opposed to anywhere else) is an artifact a person brings along with them into non-theism from whatever religion they were raised in.

Hope you feel less lonely here on A|N.
Hey, Jennifer. You are not alone. Though many of us have made very different journeys we've all managed to end up in the same place. Thanks for joining and I sincerely hope you can find a home among us n'er-do-well bunch o' heathens.
Thanks :) i really hope to meet some great people on here.

Welcome to Atheist Nexus, the best place on the web to meet like-minded Humanists. I'm glad you found us and look forward to chatting with you more.

Thanks :) And i look forward to chatting with everyone on here more :D
Welcome. You are not alone. I'm here to listen. Rant, pose questions, whatever. I'd enjoy hearing more from you. What brought you to India? If you don't mind.
It's actually a long story. I had to go to college somewhere and the place where i was living was too expensive. So India, which is the country of my parents, was the next option. So here I am. :D
Hey prettyness :)
I also grew up in a religious environment and I know how hard it was to get away from it which makes it all the more impressive that you did. Kudos and welcome to A/N




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