Its not really comedy, but its making me laugh...

My idiot flat mate has started leaving photocopied pages of the bible around the place in a slightly misguided attempt to save my soul.Clearly thinking that when I read them I will be suddenly struck stupid and become born again.
I have tried to explain to him that this is not going to happen and I have actualy read his sodding bible, but he just does not get it.
I really don't know what to do he is getting on my nerves.

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Leave quotes from famous atheists lying around.
Or non-tracts from which I found elsewhere on this site.

Go for the sample pack of 13 ...
Ooh! I'd be sorely tempted to get a facsimile of a goat's hoof and some powered sulfur, and leave sulfurous footprints near the photocopied bible bits.
Thats quite a good idea, I might try that.
I'd love to hear the aftermath. Also, I'm not quite sure where you'd get "powered" sulfur, but "powdered" might be readily available.
I'd be gettinng a new room mate asap.
I prefer the use as toilet paper method. But, Thats just me as tactful as a 800 pound gorilla.
Use loose tea, and make it look like you are rolling a giant joint out one of the pages. Do this when you can hear him coming in the door. Then, crack a big grin and say: "Just getting high on Jesus!"

If he doesn't take the hint, just put him in the idiot column and ignore everything he attemtpts.
So you save toilet paper money! Not bad!
Hide all the toilet paper, spike all his food with crushed up laxatives and put his copy of the bible in the bathroom. :)
Oh... that's evil... I love it!
Although I'm sure that the text reads from left to right, can you photoshop a copy of the pages so that they read from right to left? Then when he comes home point out that you found these rather odd papers and wonder if he could give you a hand figuring out what they mean. If non-responsive spend a short time trying to legitimize Santa Claus. If all else fails and the humour wears off eject flat mate.



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