Costa Rica wants to end the celibacy rule

What do you think about that?

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I'm against it. I'm against ordinated women too. Priesthood must remain as unattractive as possible.

For the same reason, I'm all for establishing mandatory castration in the clergy - they don't really need balls, do they? Plus, lower testosterone levels would probably make pedophilia less rampant.
Good grief, a head of state with some cojones! Can we maybe get a few others to queue up?
Roman Catholic Church's response : "Are there not enough children in your flock?"


While I do agree that ending the celibacy rule might show some of the worlds paedophiles that grown women are better suited for their hormonal cravings... I also agree with Jaume that it makes priesthood look a little too enticing. What possible negative aspect is there now!? Tax exemption, no real work, you get to have a wife....

... Yeah, lets just cut their nuts off instead.




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