Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus born 27 February 272 was the undisputed Roman Emperor from 306 to 324 to his death. He was the first Christian Emperor and in fact had a great deal to do with how the Christian religion was organized and its initial ceremonies.

In the year 313, he declared the Edict of Milan which proclaimed religious toleration throughout the empire.

First Council of Nicaea

He had great influence over the First Council of Nicaea and wanted Christianity to be the main religion of Rome and the empire. His religious policies effectively changed the initial look of the Christian Religion of which was of course an more mellow and kind off shoot of Judaism. Where as the Jewish God of sword for a sword and eye for an eye, became a caring God and a peace seeking entity.

The fact that the Torah the Jewish scriptures where made the foundation of the first Christian Bible without change. Showed that Constantine did not want to loose the God of war factor and wanted people to believe that God was on the side of the Roman Empire when it came to new conquest, these conquest being bringing the pagan heathens into the flock of the Jesus Christ etc.

The chose of new testament Gospels and added literature was first agreed by the Council of Nicaea and rubber stamped by Constantine. Much of Constantine requirement formulated the Christian religion we know to day. Through out the centuries however various new Christian faiths have been formed by people that disagreed with the Christian views of the Roman Catholic beliefs that where contradictory to the Ten Commandments etc. Then of course much Fundamentalism as been added by Christian cultism as time has past.

His Religious policy

This phrase and fact stands out and shows how the old gods of Rome where assimilated to the new Christian religion…

The figures of old gods were either replaced or assimilated into a framework of Christian symbolism. Constantine built the new Church of the Holy Apostles on the site of a temple to Aphrodite.

Looking at the Bible starting with the New Testaments, the additive of including letters and revelations to my mind was a big mistake as the Gospels show the life and teaching of Jesus of which are the man juice of the belief. Revelations to my mind comes from a person of whom was completely mad and a religious zealot. I am sure that Jesus would have not wanted this crazed chapter to be added to his book of moral teaching. The fact that magic was added illuminate Jesus into being a super being himself does no real credit to the magic of character of such a wonderful Philosopher and narrator. The magic was in his words. I am sure the truth is that none of the miracles were in fact true events but rumors or added by the narrators of the stories.

The fact that the roman influence leading to Jesus death was white washed and more blame placed on the Jewish Rabbi and cleric’s shows that the Roman influence on the founding of Roman Catholicism did not want Rome to be seen as the murders of the savior of mankind.

The Roman empire still had a phobia when it came to Jews this phobia was take up by the leadership of the new religion and of course the Jewish people have suffered much over the past century’s due to the anti-Jewish influence of the Roman Catholic faith.

The Old Testament is the bug bare concerning Christianity it has many contrary verses that effectively cancel out the peaceful goodliness that Jesus Christ tried to teach man kind. The only parts that needed to be included with the New Testaments are far and in between. The Ten Commandments of course should have been a must as they are good rules for people to live by. But anything that showed the ever caring super being as the creator of evil or war befuddle what Jesus Christ and how he see his God and give the religion of the Christians a controversial persona that conflicts with the original teachings of Christ the man the religion was founded on.

It pains me to see people thinking they can be forgiven for anything and the way Constantine and his puppet committee set the religion up people can confess to sin again. Seemingly selfish prays can be answer and are just important as non selfish prays that come from the caring heart.

Its time that the Christian faith modernized to be what Jesus Christ really wanted and not what a powerful emperor wanted and those with equal motives of controlling people through their faith by religious indoctrination with a mix of propaganda.

Peace be with you, your faith and beliefs are important to you as my belief is important to me. Hopefully I have made you think and not scramble to a holy book for a answer, remember men wrote those books each and every verse and people like Constantine rubber stamped what you’re reading. The reason for so many editions of the Bible.

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I have started a group on athiestnexus to handle this very important need. Jesus Christ the great moral teachers and Phylosopher wishes were un-heeded. When its created I will post the new groups name and url on this thread.

He was shown as a magi with great magic powers its shameful that such phylosophy was changed into a Jewish based religion to include a two faced God of good and evil.
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