I've found a loophole to save the world from ending in 2012.

People are claiming the world will end on December 21, 2012, based on the Mayan calendar. Well, last night as I was watching the New Year's Eve countdowns in various places around the world, I had a thought...

If I fly west across the international date line at 11:59:59pm on 12/20/12, when I cross the date line it will turn midnight on 12/22/12...I'll have essentially skipped 12/21/12 entirely, thus avoiding the end of the world! :D

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I'm in. Let's rent a jet ;-)
This 'rent-a-jet' idea floated around a few months back, although I can't remember which discussion it was. IIRC, we had a disagreement over which brand of beer we should have onboard.
Beer? Gross....

Martinis and Pink Champagne, maybe some nice old Scotch...
Groovy! I'd actually spring for some 25-year-old MacAllan! Just dont' serve it on ice!!!!
A man with good taste :-)

Beware of air pockets if you're picky about your martini being shaken, not stirred.
One would think air pockets would simply contribute to the shaking process. No?

Stirred might be a problem with the air pockets though....
Dude - aren't you hoping that the world WILL end that night - selectively for all those people who bought into it? (They should at least feel mortified when it doesn't.)
Like The Rapture, it would leave some more room for the rest of us. And maybe they will leave some shiny stuff around, too.
What was that movie where there was a Jim Jones character who screwed up and drank the kool-aid first?

"After that *cups dropping to the ground* everyone kinda lost interest and went on their way." (Or something like that.) Awesome!
Mayan Daylight Savings time - duh?
Well, my take on the Mayan 2012 thing is that their calender was a few hundred years too long to begin with.

Didn't the Spanish kill them all out in the 1500-1600 timeframe?


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