I'm Patrick, I'm 22 I'm a wildland firefighter in enterprise Oregon which is about as podunk and redneck as they come.  I studied civil engineering for three years at Oregon State University when I decided I didn't want a desk job so now I'm livin' the dream getting paid to play in the woods.  I'm pretty sure I may be the only atheist within hundreds of miles but who knows.  I was raised Christian and through college I explored numerous ways to "deepen" my faith but all the while things started making less and less sense.  Bill Maher was the undoing for me I watched Religulous as a Christian then when it was over I guess you could call it a snowball situation.  I seem to be in some similar pickles to a lot of atheists with the whole coming out to christian parents, friends and family. I thought it may have been lonely being atheist and for now it still kinda is.  I do miss the social aspect that church has.  But the more I learn the more I'm realizing I'm not alone and that atheists clearly aren't the devil worshipers I was raised to believe they were.  

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welcome! no devil worshippers here ^_^ just awesome people ;D
Welcome to the team. The cool thing about these times is that there is the possibility to meet like-minded people through the net. Fifty years ago, you might have been an atheist and that's it, you might have been bounded to the atheist closet and never tell anyone so. Anyway, enjoy your stance.
Great to make your acquaintance. I'm a Firefighter for a municipal department. So yes..........there are "atheists in foxholes"! Haha. I'd like the opportunity to hear a few wildland tales some time!
Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies. ;)
Maybe, "Welcome to the bright side, we have books."

Wow...Religulous deconverted you! For me it was Carl Sagan...but when someone is mentally ready, something like this can just cement the doubts they have about religion.




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