James Dobson (whose mother killed in Newtown: correction-NOT) blames gays, abortion

Dr. James Dobson, of Focus on the Family, and whose mother was killed in the Newtown shootings, blames gays and abortion for the reason of the violence.

God: There are gays and abortion in the USA. Or atheists in England. My solution, kill James Dobson's mother. Makes perfect sense.

He needs to compare notes with his compatriots in the loony bin, who blame everything from atheists to gay marriage. But never guns, and never criminals.

Why do these people even have a platform?

See also http://www.inquisitr.com/443204/james-dobson-links-sandy-hook-shoot... for a long, long list of wingnuts adding their commentary to the discussion.

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Again, are you sure?

list of those killed

DObson bio.  His mother died in 1988.

A agree with you in asking why these people have a platform.

Yes, why do they have a platform.

Thanks for the links Sentient.

Thank you for clarifying her death date. I couldn't find it. The God Discussion blog was incorrect.




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