James Eagleton II. Peace Groupie, Atheist, going to hell. :D

Hello everyone. I am, a relatively new atheist.. but since I've converted I have gotten really into it. I was originally an Agnostic, but i realized I am against theistic religion itself, because I could never fathom the existence of a God. Especially one that would demand so much.. 
Or demand anything, to say the most.
I've always idolized Mark Twain and James Madison for their logic, and unarguable facts against theism. 
I discovered this "community" by a card I found in my neighborhood, stating a misguided and blasphemous in it's own entailment, quote from the bible generally saying we were put here to worship God, and if you don't you burn for an eternity by the nothingness you believed in.
I laughed for about 20 minutes.
Anyways, I have been always searching for more knowledge and anti-religious facts and query's.. and what not. I hope to get a lot from the sources on here. :D

See you all in hell. hahahhahahhahha...

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Welcome to AN! I hope you enjoy yourself on here as much as I do.
Hey James, welcome to AN!
Thanks friends. I hope so to. :D
Going to Hell? You're in good company. Congrats on your conversion! Are your folks theists?

welcome jim
Yeah my parents, entire family, so on and so forth are all Christian. One of them is even a fully-certified priest/exorcist.
It's so funny.
Welcome! I hope you'll find that this community is intelligent and peaceful. It really is nice to post/discuss in a theist-free zone.
Hah, yeah it really is. If I try to post something logical that has any ill-referance to god on say.. facebook, I will never hear the end of it. Even if I win the argument, and i use the term "Win" lightly, the ignorance of the theists never ceases, and they never give up on their little tantrums.
I have found that Theists can't argue well and a majority simply stop the conversation.




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