I have found this absoulte absurd "refutation" on Jason Lisle's blog of secular morality and it seems to be from the iron chariots wiki, do you think it made no sense what so ever and it was filled with nothing but bad rationlizations? why is this guy so obessesd with chemicals?


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Absurd indeed!

I didn't have the patience to read more than a few screens of Lisle's false dichotomy. He argues that without his God, human life itself and our thoughts and emotions are meaningless, since we'd only be "chemical accidents". He thinks that without God, our clearly experienced consciousness, and reason, and empathy for fellow human beings, count for no more than a carrot or a mud puddle.

Joan Denoo expressed it very well: Morals and ethics come from being born a social animal. That's a perfectly adequate explanation.

what the hell is even supposed to be meant by "chemical accident"?

My question was basically, how can you have an objective moral code at all in a chance universe? And who decides what it is?

These people are totally deluded! It's all a theist argument to persuade you or to "change your mind." They will point out that morality only comes from god, and that god is revealed in the Bible. Use logic here and you see that the Bible comes from MEN and this is also where god comes from. That's why there has been about 4000 gods since humans began.

Now, if you want to argue that morality comes from god, why are there different forms of morality all over the world? Moral belief and law all are said to come from god. Are there slightly different gods involved, or are we aware again that this is all from MEN?

Do the math. God of the gaps is not an answer. It's a copout!

satan tricked them duh....




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