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LOL! My first thought was 'Another Jesus in an ass?'

And honestly that looks more like the face of Merlin or Qui-Gon Jinn rather than the lord Jeebus.
Yeah,I saw that too. Don't recall where.

That not Jesus! It Saruman.

Or maybe Treebeard

You're all blind!

It's clearly Charles Manson... he has come back from the grave to remind us to stain and polish, don't paint wood, it just looks tacky.

Johnsky, it was worth getting up this morning for that video!
That looks more like “Forrest” the wood elf. ;-)


I sing the praises of Ikea!
I think the woodgrain in the above still of this EweToob video looks like aliens getting ready to give someone an anal probe. Much more interesting than the Ikea door in Glasgow (despite Glasgow being one of my favorite cities in the world).
Jesus is watching you poop -- and he's very disappointed in you.


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