Thomas Jefferson has long been my favorite historical figure.  His thoughts on democracy are very basic and well thought out.  His views are well known but not well understood.  His ideal was Saxon tribalism.  His entire life was spent trying to get closer to this ideal, even though he knew it to be hugely impractical.  This slave owner was a strong advocate for human freedom.  His other paradoxes are ledgendary.


He and his close disciple James Madison were soley responsible for religious freedom, both in Virginia and the U.S.  That alone should make him an atheist's hero.  He was probably more important for westward expansion than any other.  I have him on my list of top five presidents.  They rank as follows for me:


1. Abraham Lincoln.

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

3. Thomas Jefferson.

4. George Washington.

5. Harry Truman 

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