To read about how it feels to have PTSD and deal with Jehovah Witnesses please consider reading my lastest post at


I'm an artist and poet recently come out of evangelical Christianity. Thanks.

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How ironic that the website hosting your blog has a button at the top for"Report Abuse". I bet they pay attention when it's used, albeit only for website abuses.


And every time they come to the door just to get turned away, they'll take it personally until you explain it to them. If I had a nickel...


I am glad you're on this side of the door now. Life is easier when you can talk and be heard.

wow. poet/artist or is it artist/poet.. anyhow. evangelical survivor. that's great!
the whole USA got some sort of PTSD in 2000 *cheated election; hello Jeb Bush still yappin' his trap on tv; it's just hitting now...

tell ya what. there's these little pamphlets; i'll scan some of them or revise make it all inclusive...
long story. I'll make pdf and send to you. might be a while but i'll get to it.
what lame though is that these idiots never accept literature from you; you know 'your' truth. reality. etc.

yeah they made me put up no solicitation signs up; fkn' real estate fiends!




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