I'm not a JW and never was. I had two really nice older ladies come to my door today. We chatted for a while and I gave them my objections to God and the bible and that sort of thing. They seemed to really enjoy the conversation but said they needed another book to better argue their point. They are coming back on Thursday and I wondered if I should try to talk to them about leaving JW and if I need to be prepared for anything unexpected. Any advice would be great. Thanks, G

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That is funny! First time i have laughed all week. Thanks
They're consulting the Elders.

Hit them with a few tidbits of information.

Charles Russell was a sheister who was jailed for fraud when he sold magic wheat that had curing properties. He also sold a mixture of Chloride of Zinc as a cancer cure which actually made many sicker.

Russell's wife filed for divorce because Russel was sleeping around.

That'll get them started.

Want to make their heads spin? Start quoting obscure biblical verses, the nastier the better. Watch how they squirm to try to get out of explaining why God commanded genocides or that Jesus is a decedent of a murderer and and adultress. (if you're not familiar, David knocked up Bathsheeba and sent her husband to the front lines to die so the truth wouldn't get out.)

Whenever the JW's come knocking on my door I tell them that the Mormons were here about an hour earlier and converted me then close the door. (& vice versa when it's the Morons knocking)


Another tactic I've had fun with is to ask the Mormons for a copy of Watchtower... or to ask the JW's about their magical underwear. Whatever, just mix them up and act serious about it and get them babbling on, then casually close the door on them.


Other times I answer the door, listen to their introduction, laugh hysterically and close the door.

It all depends on what type of mood Im in.


If at all possible, I'd love to get the JW's & the Morons to show up at my door minutes apart, invite them in and see if I could get them fighting over my imaginary soul. One of these days.... ;)

Yesterday, I went to lunch at a local restaurant and a JW woman came in and handed a copy of The Watchtower to the waitress and said "Here's some complimentary reading material for your break room".  As soon as the woman turned around, in the garbage it went. 


I wonder what JW's do when Mormons show up at their door and vice-versa.  Do they try to convert one another for hours or do they slam the door?

Personally, I no longer talk to Jehova's Witnesses. I did bible studies with them about 8-9 years ago simply to get to know their argumentation and because I did not want to jump to conclusions about a religious sect I basically knew nothing about. The lady I saw for a few months was very nice in the beginning but as soon as I agreed to visit one of their Sunday gatherings she and the people she brought with her got increasingly aggressive and pushy so I was forced to tell them that I am an atheist and nothing they can ever say will ever convince me of the existence of a supernatural being. It took some time for them to stop calling, showing up at my apartment uninvited or ganging up on me when they saw me in the city.


After this experience I decided to learn more about people who have escaped this particular kind of brainwashing and let me tell you the JW's are as bad and in some areas worse than some of the other God fanatics out there. 


One of my colleagues told me about her mother's run in with JW's in Munich where she worked as a primary school teacher. In one of her classes there was a young boy whose parents were JW's. This boy had a serious accident on the way home from school but not so serious that he could not have been saved with surgery and a blood transfusion. His parents refused and delayed the medical treatment to the point that their young son died.


There staunch refusal to consider blood transfusions for their children is just one of the reasons why I consider the doctrine of Jehova's Witnesses to be inherently evil.


The last time the JW's knocked on my door, I let them finish their introduction and then told them that I respect their right to believe in whatever nonsense they want to as they are adults. I then went on to tell them that I consider them abominations for the fact that they rather let their children die than give them the medical treatment (blood transfusions) that could save their lives, I also told them that I had studied with them and compared their bible version to several others I had in my possession at that time and that they as everybody else change the bible to suit their perverted beliefs and conveniently overlook everything in their holy book that does not suit them. After that I made it very clear that in their own interest they should never darken my doorstep again, which they have not since.


My advice to you, Greg. Should they ever show up again, let them know in no uncertain terms that they are not welcome, because if you give them even an inch you'll be hard pressed to get rid of them any time soon.

If you find talking with them entertaining, that's fine. If you think you're going to convert them though, you're wasting your time. One of their nicknames is "Jehovah's Witlesses" and it's a name they've worked hard to earn.
LOL  That is true.  I usually just say "No, thank you, I'm not interested" and leave it at that.  I imagine they are secretly relieved when they are turned away.  Since they believe there are only 144,000 slots in heaven, they should be relieved when next to no one (their fellow Xians feel the same way about them as we do) wants a spot.  More room for them.
So few people understand about the age of reason..Explain it to them.




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