This was originally published shortly before the Occupy Movement began last year, and lo and behold: 2011 was the year where a mass awakening of the American people against the banking cartel and the corporatocracy began.  I was so glad to read this when I did!  And as the words still ring true, I thought I would share it now that spring 2012 is approaching and we are expecting new waves of Occupy, and with this being an election year it's even more relevant.  Solidarity!

Jesse Ventura's open letter to the elite
"You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corpora...tions, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit… we are bleeding… but we ain’t got time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution!
The Serfs."

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He is a friend of Alex Jones -- he is always on his radio show.

He is always talking about the elitists on the show -- cool deal.

Everything that was said is 100% true. The moneyed elite, their “corporate people” pals and bought and paid for “elected” toadies will do anything to secure their privileged spot at the top of the economic and power heap. They are the force behind the brutality of the #OWS protesters because they are a visible and vocal force that threatens their comfortable perch.
Bring the bastards down.

I know. You can break down every phrase and elaborate it through documentaries and narrations of the world we live in.  Actually this declaration may be a great educational way into the minds of people

When he says 'we are slaves to your corporations', leads me to think of the wage slavery problems in Indonesia where ppl work 14, sometimes more hours non stop to earn pennies on the hour with no breaks, no benefits, no vacation, no living wage or hope for  living wage and if they complain they are intimidated ... to make Nike shoes and ggap clothes that sell for ridiculous amounts of money here.  And who pockets the money?  Lazy *&^ CEO's who don't work but live off other people's labor.  and they SPECIFICALLy choose countries with no labor laws for their little scheme, and the US gov't, being 'pro-business', lets corporations get away with slavery as long as the shareholders are happy.

When he says they assassinate our leaders, reminds me of how pres. Kennedy had approved a law that would return our currency back to the gold and silver standard and a few months later, he's killed.  his replacement immediately reverses that law and the banking cartel's dominion over us, their enslavement through debt scheme, is preserved.

when he says 'You’ve liquidated our savings', reminds me of all the people who after the 2008 bailout were unable to retire and lost half their life savings.

When he says 'You own our property', reminds me of the foreclosure crisis which is really one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history from the poorest of the poor and middle class to the richest banking corporations: homes that were supposed to be given to children to inherit, that were supposed to finance early semi-retirements, were taken by the banks instead.

Then there's monsanto patenting seeds and life, manufacturing life and creating frankenfoods, monopolizing almost all the food that is eaten on Earth to soon implement who knows what foul evil plot to starve the portion of humanity who can't afford their frankensfoods: one day not far into the future a huge percentage of the population will have no choice but to eat monsanto food, to rely on this one corporation for its survival.  that is the world monsanto wants to create!

we really are immersed in a bottomless pit of evil, oppression and corruptio fueled by manonism; the worship of money.

I can agree with all you have written including the Monsanto comments, however a blanket indictment of GMO's because of the depredations of Monsanto isn't warranted. GMO foods are going to be more and more necessary in a world of increasing population and increasing starvation. One remedy would be changing the patent law on living material – an obligation and power of Congress. Once GMO's are not controlled by giant corporations there can be safe and beneficial uses of GMO's.
Opposition to GMO foods is, IMHO, a luxury of the well fed.

fkn' zombies! suckn' the blood of the sufferers!

hey check this out outta Germany:

He also used his podcast to introduce a family and gender policy concept. Haase wants marriage and registered life partnership to be legally equal and to eliminate the tax advantages in Germany that are bestowed exclusively on heterosexual marriages. He also wants the government to stop documenting the gender of its citizens.

Bitchin'. He's ok, Jesse.


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