So now a local florist is refusing to deliver flowers to Jessica Alhquist, along with two other florists in the town. The website for the main florist mentioned in the article is here.  Should we start calling and filling their phone lines with complaints instead of orders?  It is shameful they would not deliver flowers to a 16 year old girl.  How xtian of them!

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agreed -- see how the xtians behave -- they have no love for others -- especially those with differing opinions

Wow, how despicable can some people be....

If she finds a florist that will deliver, the florist should have her as a spokesperson. Jessica could wear t-shirts saying "blank florist does not discriminate", or something creative. Take it up a notch; make the bigoted florists pay.

Reading down through some of the comments on "The Blaze" link just makes me sad. I wish eugenics could be practiced on anyone involved in any kind of religious organization.

They discuss this on the latest ffrf podcast. I believe a congressman called her an "evil little thing", and when the kids at school recited the pledge, they shouted "under god". She is very well spoken for a kid.

The instructions for the delivery were: "You may need a security escort when delivering the flowers" and the florist refused on the grounds that it would be dangerous to make such a delivery and they were basing their refusal on that. Though I cannot blame them for not wanting to get involved because their may be retaliation of some sort, at the same time, why the hell should their be retaliation in the first place? It is not the florist at complete blame here, it is the crazy mofo's that are creating a violent atmosphere around this poor girl.

I remember seeing the actual prayer banner that was the focus of the issue in an earlier news report and it has said something about being nice to others etc. Not one of the people opposing the removal of the prayer banner are actually following the 'rules' set out on it. How bloody ironic!.

You needn't be a a bigoted theist to be a knee-jerk reactionary. Why should a business person put themselves in the line of fire just to deliver some fucking flowers. It isn't their fight.

Get your facts straight before going into a rage, it conserves energy.

I you really want to support Jessica, buy a shirt. I ordered the hoodie.

I love how Christians are expressing their "love" towards a sixteen year female whom is expressing her constitutional rights really nice. And i order a long sleeve shirt.


who is jessica alhquist




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