Jesus and Allah in Healing Competition in EDE, South-West. Nigeria.

Ede is a predominantly muslim city in the South-West Nigeria. A Christian revival church is organising a 3day healing crusade and the muslim community is not leaving things to chance, they mounted a counter publicity display to forestall any christian incursion to their territory. I happened to be around the city sometime ago and caught the contending messages on my camera.

Nigeria is under a seige by some christian religious fundamentalists who deceive their adherents with promise of some miracleous healings. And the muslims leaders are jittery about the huge success recorded by their christian conterparts. Several terrorist gangs have emerged recently to check the spread of these mushrooming churches speading like plaque accross the country. Several innocent people have been killed, with lots of properties destroyed, many churches were burnt including a bomb attack at the Police force headquaters in the Federal Capital City, Abuja. The political leaders appear incapable of finding a lasting solution to this menace, and if care is not taken, sooner or later, the intense rivalry between the two prominent religions would ultimately lead to the disintegration of this promising and most populous black nation on planet earth.

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