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Or massive doses of antibiotics....



when you think about it actually is a form of walking on water.  Very cold water.

Bet he never did THIS!

How can someone who was never here in the first place "return"?

By working a miracle, of course. Duh!

That's a really big question isn't it?

Next, we get into him returning in the sky with a shout. It's not clear how loud the shout is, or if it's meant to be heard around the world as an attention getter. Imagine the image of a man getting bigger as he comes from the sky and gets closer, and he yells out "HEY!"

This gets worse when he returns in Revelation with tattoos on his thighs and riding a big white horse in the sky along with his army of angels that are ready to do battle. Imagine some Roman epic movie going on in the sky as Jesus and his army ride back and forth. They will even blow the trumpet as they attack.

Making fun! What do you mean making fun? I'll have you know I believe every word of it. The Bible says it and that settles it. I don't need evidence.

*cackle!*  Have you read Heinlein's novel, Job: a Comedy of Justice?  He devotes several chapters on the so-called rapture, and they are hilarious!  Highly recommended.

Yes, a YELL that could be heard around the world would devastate half the Earth, and likely kill everybody within a 2000 mile radius instantly.  Even a 200 megaton bomb would not be heard over 2000 miles away.  The temperature it would create to make itself heard on the other side of the Earth would likely burn all the forests on Earth and incinerate all the inhabitants.



Though if the Internet was used, then it would be heard around the world, but only those on the podcast.

That's modern day science for you. Keep in mind that a yell or a shout would work fine for the flat earth believers when the earth was much smaller. Maybe we should approach their apologists and explain these ideas. They would only think we were "angry" again.

In the same way, you have to understand that everyone is not "caught up in the twinkling of an eye." This is due to the size and rotation of the earth in regards to the sun and the fact that the earth has many different time zones. This should also be pointed out to the many apologists as well.




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