I'm a self made computer guru that has XBMC on my Windows system. It means I can watch pretty much anything I want anytime I want.

Today I watched Jesus Camp for the first time. Most of the kids in this film are under the age of 12, and what they do to these kids is almost criminal. Young children crying, wailing, and "talking in tongues" with some claiming to be "saved" at the age of 5. What does a 5 year old have to be saved from? Maybe the people putting them through this torture. I was wondering when they are going to get airplanes and have these kids fly them into buildings. The film was just about that bad, and it shows us what atheists are really up against in the christian world today. These people know they are the "true" religion.

Open here for any comments if others have seen this film, and what they think about it. Sorry for my poor posting here in AN, but it was my first time.

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I've seen fragments, and had to stop, it was appalling. Those people don't know that they maim their children for life! Here they didn't make such a show of their religion, but I'll never forget how scared I was, even before my fifth birthday. I,d rather grown up in an orphanage.

You're right - childhood is a very dangerous time, because then we're so vulnerable and dependant.

Thanks everyone. Bill Mahr talked about how bad this film was, so I finally had to see it. He was right.


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